Logan Paul Takes Legal Action Against CoffeeZilla Over Alleged CryptoZoo Defamation

Logan Paul, a well-known social media influencer, has filed a defamation lawsuit against Stephen Findeisen, also known as CoffeeZilla, on YouTube.

The lawsuit arises from Findeisen’s videos that criticize Paul’s involvement in the CryptoZoo project, an NFT initiative that Paul had developed. In these videos, which were posted in 2022, CoffeeZilla accused Paul of orchestrating a scam with CryptoZoo, allegations that Paul claims are false and malicious.

Paul’s lawsuit, filed on June 27 in a San Antonio District Court in Texas, alleges that Findeisen maliciously spread false information by portraying Paul as a scam artist behind the failed CryptoZoo project.

Findeisen’s videos described CryptoZoo as “Logan Paul’s biggest scam,” asserting that Paul misled his supporters and failed to deliver on the project’s promises while retaining their money.

Logan Paul Takes Legal Action Against CoffeeZilla Over Alleged CryptoZoo Defamation
Logan Paul Takes Legal Action Against CoffeeZilla Over Alleged CryptoZoo Defamation

According to the legal complaint, Paul contends that CoffeeZilla’s accusations are misleading and omitted crucial information.

Paul asserts that he had genuine intentions to make CryptoZoo successful but was misled by bad advisors, specifically naming Eduardo “Eddie” Ibanez and Jake Greenbaum. He claimed these advisors provided him with poor guidance and had ulterior motives, which contributed significantly to the project’s downfall.

Paul argues that Findeisen’s portrayal of him was knowingly false, emphasizing that he never intended to scam anyone but aimed to create a legitimate blockchain-based game.

The lawsuit seeks to hold Findeisen accountable for the reputational damage Paul alleges was caused by the defamatory content of the YouTube videos. Paul asserts that Findeisen acted with intent and recklessness in spreading these defamatory statements.

Previously, Paul had considered legal action against CoffeeZilla in late 2022 but chose to focus on reviving CryptoZoo instead. Despite his efforts, including a $1.5 million recovery strategy and spending $1 million to buy back NFTs, his attempts were unsuccessful.

Now, Paul is seeking damages exceeding $75,000, along with interest, legal fees, and additional relief determined by the court, as part of his lawsuit against Findeisen.

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