Lou Williams And His Girlfriend: Why Did They Break Up?

Lou Williams Girlfriends
Lou Williams Girlfriends

The Atlanta Hawks star Louis Tyrone Williams is a professional NBA player. He is considered one of the best bench players in the history of the NBA. The man has three Sixth Man of the year title under his name. In his 16 year career, Williams has played under around six teams. In 2021, he was reassigned to his home team Atlanta Hawks. Fans are excited about his return.

Lou Williams is known for his share of controversies. In October 2014, there were rumors that Williams was in a relationship with two women. But what is more interesting is that this is not the first time the NBA player is associated with more than one woman. He has not confirmed anything yet. According to the reports, the girls know each other and are fine going public with their relationship. Although this might seem unorthodox, people felt it as more of absurdity rather than unusual.

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Louis William And His Two Girlfriends

It was in October of 2014, an article about Williams two-timing his girlfriends surfaced. It left the fans dumbstruck. According to the rumors, the girls, Ashley Henderson and Rece Mitchell were aware of each other and did not have any issues. But many found this hard to digest. Initially, Williams refrained from making any kinds of comments about the situation. When the situation became a lot more relaxed, he responded to the claims. He confirmed that the rumors were true and that he was seeing two women.

Lou Williams Girlfriends
Rece Mitchell, Lou Williams, And Family Attend The 2019 NBA Awards

Being in a relationship in itself requires a lot of commitment. So when the player made it public that he was dating two women at a time, many were surprised at how he can stay committed to both the women at the same time. Williams explained that he respected both his girlfriends equally. This respect is the sole reason for them being together and finding the whole situation comfortable. Since this, the girls ‘Blonde and Brown’, as the player calls them, used to appear at most of his games. Some magazines and newspapers even described that Williams were dating sisters. To this, the player remarked that it is highly disrespectful to scrutinize their relationship and label them as absurd without knowing anything about it. He added that all three of them enjoy going out in public together and do not have any inhibitions in talking about this.

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Break Up With Ashley Henderson And Aftermath

In 2018, Williams was asked about his current status with his girlfriends. He responded to this by saying that he is still seeing Rece but has ended things with Ashley. The reasons for the split are still unclear. But he confirmed that the split was amicable and that they are friends. But rumors have it that he has replaced Ashley with another woman, which might have been the reason for them parting ways. In 2018, Lou also ended his relationship with Rece Mitchell.

Lou Williams Girlfriends
Ashley Henderson, Lou Williams, Lou’s Mom Janice And Reggie Wilkes Attend The David Yurman Shopping Experience

Williams finds it hugely troubling that he has to deal with these kinds of questions every day. He recently revealed how often he gets questioned about his private life. He gets constantly reminded about how unorthodox his ways sound. Lou is not the only NBA player to have two girlfriends at a time. But he might be the first NBA player who has both of his girlfriend’s names mentioned in a music video. Despite having some of the best basketball games in NBA history, it is sad how this rumor is what the player is best known for.

Drake’s Music Video

Rapper Drake released a mixtape titled If You Are Reading This You Are Too Late in 2015. One of the songs from this album called the 6 Man referenced Williams and his life. The song traced Williams’ earning the title of Sixth Man of the Year for the Toronto Raptors. His girlfriends were also mentioned in the song. The song’s music video features Williams and was often played in many Raptors games.

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