Martine McCutcheon Weight Loss After Pregnancy: The Love Actually Star Opens Up

Martine McCutcheon Weight Loss
Martine McCutcheon Weight Loss

Television personality, singer, and actress Martine McCutcheon began her career through televisions and soap operas. However, it was the 2003 movie Love Actually that brought her stardom. Since then, she has made appearances in several films and television series. McCutcheon is also an acclaimed Pop singer. Her debut pop album, You, Me & Us, topped UK Charts in the year 1997. Even though her pop career did not take off well as she expected, in 2017, she restarted her career with the album Lost and Found.

McCutcheon has always been vocal about her struggles with body weight. Recently the actress revealed more details about her journey from fat to fit. Throughout her life, she has faced many physical challenges. Even with all of these, McCutcheon is looking better than ever. She recently posted a photo of her flaunting her long slim legs on Instagram. Her fans have nothing but questions about how she managed to lose all that fat. So let us look more and find out everything you need to know about the actress slimming down.

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Martine McCutcheon Weight Loss

Actress Martine McCutcheon has amazed the fans with her roles in many shows and movies, including EastEnders and Love. But it is her recent transformation into a more slim figure that is creating the buzz. McCutcheon confessed that she always had struggles with her body. This was not only because of her body weight issues. Her body was very weak and unhealthy during her early 30’s. This was also the main reason for her several miscarriages after her marriage. She told in an interview that this had physically and emotionally toned her down. Even then, this issue of gaining weight was there. But, during those times, she followed a strict diet plan and exercised to bring her body weight down. It was also during this time she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue and Lyme disease.

She overcame all of those struggles and even gave birth to a son named Rafferty. But after pregnancy, she felt even more challenging to get into shape. She commented that her weight loss was much slower than an average person, given the same regime. Her determination was what kept her from going on with her plans. The actress confessed that she had tried a lot of diet plans. But Lyme’s disease kept interfering, and she had to slow down her routines. Then she tried a method for drastic weight loss using low-calorie shakes, soups, and snack bars. This is what worked for her and helped her to lose almost 21 inches around the waist.

Martine McCutcheon weigh loss
Martine McCutcheon Working Out With A Personal Trainer

Martine McCutcheon Pregnancy

In 1999, McCutcheon started a relationship with Jonathan Barnham. She got pregnant with him in the same year but suffered a miscarriage during the very next month. Later the pair parted ways. In 20o7, McCutcheon started dating singer Jack McManus. They got married in 2012 September at Lake Cosmo. After this, McCutcheon suffered a number of miscarriages. According to her physicians, her body was not strong enough to hold a baby. In an interview, she explained how devastated she felt after these episodes. She added that she never had problems getting pregnant and that the real issue came with keeping them. She was in her late 30’s when she finally gave birth to a son Rafferty.

Martine McCutcheon Weight Loss
Pregnant Martine McCutcheon And Husband Jack McManus

McCutcheon exclaimed that Rafferty gave her confidence about herself and her body. After giving birth to him, her body felt stronger, which helped her deal with her other physical issues. But being a mom in her 40’s makes her a bit sad as, according to her, she will have fewer years with her son.

 Martine McCutcheon Weight Loss
Martine McCutcheon And Her Husband Jack McManus Walk Their Dogs

Martine McCutcheon Husband

McCutcheon Married singer Jack McManus in the year 2012. However, they started dating in the year 2007. According to Jack, it was love at first sight. They laid their eyes on each other and felt instantly connected. Martine has once admitted that their marriage had its ups and downs. It was not always smooth sailing. It was her friends that helped save her marriage and chose to be with Jack for the rest of their lives. In 2015, McCutcheon gave birth to their son Rafferty.

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