McDonald’s Announces Closure of CosMc’s Small-Format Restaurants

The big fast-food chain McDonald’s is always trying out new ideas to achieve the success of its main brand. But sometimes, these new ideas don’t work out well, leading to unexpected closures and changes in strategy.

In December 2023, McDonald’s tried something new in Bolingbrook, Illinois. They opened a test store called CosMc’s. This place was all about drinks, with some unique options like the Sour Cherry Energy Slush, Tropical Spiceade, and S’mores Cold Brew.

The food menu wasn’t huge, but it had some interesting items. There was the Creamy Avocado Tomatillo Sandwich, the Spicy Queso Sandwich, and a bunch of snacks like McPops filled donuts and Pretzel Bites.

McDonald’s Announces Closure of CosMc’s Small-Format Restaurants
CosMc’s has a vast variety of drinks

It’s hard to say if CosMc’s will be a hit. McDonald’s is optimistic, though, and plans to open about 10 more of these stores by the end of 2024.

“We want to try out different kinds of stores and food to see if it can make our main brand even better,” McDonald’s said. They’re being careful but hopeful about this new idea.

Learning from Big Ideas

In the fast-food world, companies are always trying new things. Even if they don’t work out, they teach important lessons.

A Chipotle fast food restaurant (Credits: iStock)

The experiences of McDonald’s with CosMc’s and Chipotle with their different food ideas show how tough it can be to try new stuff. Chipotle’s ShopHouse offered Southeast Asian food but closed due to a lack of customer loyalty, but these experiments help big brands figure out what might be the next big thing or how to stay on top.

Chipotle’s Farmesa Fresh Eatery, despite a renowned chef, closed, focusing back on core offerings also its Pizza Locale failed despite its initial promise, closing all five locations.CEO Brian Niccol emphasized enhancing the core menu and scaling the brand domestically and internationally.

As the fast-food world changes, what McDonald’s and Chipotle have tried will be useful for other companies too. They show how big brands keep growing and changing in a super competitive market, trying to stay fresh while keeping their customers happy.

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