Metroid Dread: A Full Guide To Defeat Golzuna

Metroid Dread
Metroid Dread

Golzuna is one of the hard to defeat bosses in Metroid Dread that comes before the end of the game. And can be found Golzuna lurking up in the northeastern corner of the Ghavoran region. It is a somewhat confusing foe as it initially takes the form of a regular enemy, though it gradually increases in size as players mount their attack. Golzuna is a high-level threat that can even raise itself, though never to the same level as some of the other bosses in the game.

Considering how far along they are in the game, players shouldn’t have too much trouble dealing with Golzuna, Especially as many of its attack patterns mimic those they already faced elsewhere in Metroid Dread. In reality, with the right strategy, the entire battle can be completed in about 90 seconds, which, considering the number of stages, says a lot about the level of difficulty it ultimately offers.

Introduction To Game

Metroid Dread is a 2021 famous action-adventure game developed by MercurySteam and Nintendo EPD. The game was officially released on the platform on October 8, 2021, for the Nintendo Switch. The game offers players control bounty hunter Samus Aran as she investigates the source of a mysterious transmission on the planet ZDR. And it also retains the side-scrolling gameplay of previous 2D Metroid games and incorporates stealth elements too.

The famous game was conceived for the Nintendo DS in the mid-2000s. But due to technical limitations, the game was canceled. Industry commentators showed interest in a new 2D Metroid game and listed Metroid Dread on their “Most Wanted” list. After their work on the 2017 famous game Metroid: Samus Returns, Metroid producer Yoshio Sakamoto appointed MercurySteam to develop Dread. The first original side-scrolling Metroid game since Metroid Fusion (2002). Nintendo officially announced their most awaited game at E3 2021. The game received positive reviews and feedback upon its official release.

Metroid Dread
Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread Gameplay

The 2021 famous game Metroid Dread is an action-adventure game in which players control bounty hunter Samus Aran as she explores the planet ZDR. And it also retains the side-scrolling gameplay of previous games, alongside the free aim and melee attacks added in the 2017 famous game Samus Returns. Like the player explores, they discover several new items and weapons, giving them access to new areas.

The game adds stealth elements, with Samus avoiding the EMMI robots in some areas by hiding, lowering her nose, and using the Phantom Cloak, camouflage that makes her invisible but slows her movement. Suppose, if an EMMI catches Samus, the player has two final chances to perform melee counters and escape. And if they fail, Samus is killed. Emmis can only take down when Samus obtains the temporary “Omega Blaster” upgrade, which is lost upon using to destroy one; however, taking down an EMMI grants Samus a new lifetime upgrade. In this game, players can now unlock images in an in-game gallery based on their completion time, difficulty level, and percentage of items collected.

Plot Of  Metroid Dread

The Galactic Federation got video evidence that the X, a life-treating species of parasite that can mimic any creature it infects, survives on the remote planet ZDR. And if they dispatch seven EMMI (Extraplanetary Multiform Mobile Identifiers) robots to ZDR to investigate. But contact is lost with them shortly after. The Federation sends their top agent Samus Aran to ZDR to investigate.

The main character of the game, Samus, encounters a Chozo warrior deep underground, who takes down the exit, defeats her in combat, and strips her suit of most of its abilities. She is instructed by her ship’s computer, Adam, to find another way to the surface and return to her ship. But Samus is attacked by the EMMI, which has reprogrammed to consider her hostile. Anyhow she successfully escapes and absorbs mysterious energy from one of the planet’s central units. And the energy temporarily enables the Omega Blaster, with which Samus destroys the EMMI and regains some of her abilities.

In the Chozo sanctuary of Feronia, the lead is captured by another EMMI but is later saved by a Chozo named Quiet Robe, who successfully deactivates them. Quiet Robe explains to her that, long ago, two Chozo tribes, the scientific Thoha and warrior Mawkin, officially banded together to trap the Metroids on the planet SR388. The Doha intended to take down SR388, but Raven Beak, the Mawkin leader, wanted to use the Metroids as a bioweapon to defeat the galaxy.

He slaughtered the Thoha tribe and spared the cool robe so that the Metroids could be controlled with his Thoha DNA. He finally plans to use ZDR to house Metroids but had to contain an infestation of the X while Samus destruction the Metroids from SR388. Raven eventually reprogrammed the EMMI robots, and during the fusion events, lured Samus to extract the Metroid DNA implanted in the ZDR, allowing him to revive the Metroids.

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Quiet Robe opens a barrier to let Samus progress before ordering by one of Raven Beak’s robotic soldiers. Adam motivates Samus to take down Raven Beak and destroy ZDR. And in the Elon region, Samus faces the X parasites and inadvertently releases them into the rest of the planet. Among the X possesses Quiet Robe’s corpse and reactivates the remaining EMMI. She finally arrives on the ground surface, where she is attacked by the last of the EMMI. But she manages to destroy it by sapping its energy with her hand, a power gained from her Metroid DNA. But the side effects make Samus is slowly becoming a Metroid.

On the floating fortress of Itorash, the lead character of the game, Samus, confronts Raven Beak, who has been masquerading as Adam. Raven Beak tells that he spared her before so that she would activate her Metroid powers. At which point, he would clone her to create an army of the most powerful Metroid of all. It is also revealed in the game that Raven Beak was an actual DNA donor for Samus when she was first accepted into the Chozo. And that he considers her real his daughter.

She battles Raven Beak and is near gets killed herself, but the Metroid abilities within her grant her incredible power. Samus finally attacks Raven Beak, draining energy from Itorash and causing Raven to crash into ZDR. The beak is infected by an X, and Samus uses her newfound powers to take him down. Samus makes a way to her ship as ZDR begins to self-destruct. But is unable to use the ship due to her energy-draining Metroid powers. The X possessing Quiet Robe comes in front and lets itself be absorbed into Samus to neutralize her Metroid abilities, allowing her to escape the planet before it explodes.

Metroid Dread
Metroid Dread

Where To Find Golzuna?

Talking about the final boss Golzuna in the famous game Metroid Dread and where to find it. As become one of the most asked questions about the game. Because of the impact of Golzuna and its ability to destroy anything making it one of the most loveable villain characters of the game.

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After receiving the Screw Attack upgrade in Arteria, players must return to the pool of water below Ghavoran and the room where they previously found the Pulse Radar. It is the place, players can use the Screw Attack to reach an outdoor area to the east, where they’ll find the boss door on their right at the top of a large vertical tunnel. After passing through the door, they’ll need to roll through the Morph Ball tunnel directly in front of them to reach the boss.

How To Beat Golzuna (Phase 1)

Defeating level one Golzuna is not that difficult. You can defeat with ease. So, when you first encounter Golzuna, it will take the form of a regular Muzby. And much like the countless others that Samus has already taken down to reach this point, she’ll be fine to take this one down incredibly quickly. And in reality, all that’s you needed to complete the first phase of the Golzuna fight is three Ice Missiles or a well-timed counter.

Metroid Dread
Metroid Dread

How To Beat Golzuna (Phase 2)

While defeating for the first time, Golzuna will mutate into a larger Muzby. And again, you should have faced these already, but if you haven’t, the strategy for defeating them involves firing charged shots or missiles directly into their back. To do this, you can either use the screw attack to jump over them or slide beneath them when they rear up to attack.

How To Beat Golzuna (Phase 3)

Not like any of the first two phases, the third phase of the Golzuna boss fight should at least provide you with some level of challenge. And its penultimate mutation manages to increase the size still and, unlike the previous one, will damage Samus if she jumps into it. But Golzune is still weak to attacks from behind though, so the strategy remains somewhat similar. You will again manage to slide underneath Golzuna when it rears up onto its hind legs to attack. And you need to be careful when you do so, though, as the boss will now take three large steps backward after Samus passes beneath it. And to fight this, you should put a bit of extra distance between yourself and Golzuna before you start your attack.

Shortly after stepping backward, the boss will release a small white ball of energy that will follow Samus around for a short time. When Golzuna stops moving, it will explode in a cross shape, so you should position yourself accordingly to avoid the blast. And it will happen three times before the next cycle begins. On even-numbered cycles, the boss in the game will release four of these white energy balls instead of one, and you’ll position yourself in a diagonal line. So, you avoid taking damage here, you should make sure that you are not directly beneath any of them and then morph into ball form just before they explode. You may not need to do this, however, as, with enough missiles, you can end the phase before the second cycle ends.

Metroid Dread
Metroid Dread

How To Beat Golzuna (Phase 4)

Much like the Escue boss fight a little earlier on, Golzuna will revert to its X-Parasite form once you have dealt enough damage. You should again try to avoid making contact when this happens and always focus on hitting it with missiles or charged shots. Collecting the yellow and green X-Parasites that come out of it will restore Samus’ health and missiles while hitting the Golzuna with a Screw Attack will lead to both it and Samus taking damage.

The Reward For Beating Golzuna In Metroid Dread

It shouldn’t take you too long to put an end to the boss, at which point it will take the form of a large yellow X-Parasite and be absorbed by Samus. Once this happens, you officially will unlock the Cross Bomb ability, which allows Samus to release a powerful cross-shaped bomb while she’s in her Morph Ball form.

It can be pretty handy when it comes to quickly taking down blocks. But also has a few other uses as well. You can use the Cross Bomb to launch the Morph Ball up into the air or to blast it horizontally and avoid gaps and hazards. In the later stage of the game, it is convenient when faced with blocks that collapse when Samus stands on them and will help you acquire a few missile capacity upgrades and energy tanks elsewhere on Planet ZDR.

Sales Of The Game

The famous game Metroid Dread pre-orders topped the Amazon Video Game Best Sellers list in the US, UK, Japan. And Australia in the months leading up to its release. The game has also become the most pre-ordered game following E3 2021 at GameStop. The famous game had the highest-grossing physical launch in the franchise’s history in the UK, debuting at number three on the weekly video games sales charts.

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