Microsoft to Introduce Latest Windows and Cloud AI Enhancements in May

Microsoft is set to introduce novel artificial intelligence tools for application on both PCs and in the cloud during its annual Build conference, as indicated by a session roster revealed on Wednesday.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said “AI will become [a] first-class part of every PC,” In January, while asserting that 2024 would mark the point at which the agenda for Microsoft’s May conference underscores this aspiration.

Microsoft has witnessed substantial revenue growth from customers utilizing AI models in its Azure public cloud, and it aims to sustain this momentum by launching new AI capabilities for developers.

CEO Nadella predicts AI integration into every PC by 2024. (Credits: Microsoft News)

Mustafa Suleyman, the new head of Microsoft AI and a co-founder of DeepMind, the AI startup acquired by Google in 2014, will join Nadella and other longstanding executives on stage during the keynote address in Seattle. Suleyman transitioned to Microsoft last month from startup Inflection AI.

Users seeking to optimize their Windows operating systems have long been able to install PowerToys, an open-source collection of utilities featuring an image-resizing widget and a program for customizing keyboard shortcuts.

At Build, Microsoft will introduce a new Advanced Paste feature leveraging AI models that operate directly on PCs, eliminating the need to transmit data to the cloud for processing.

The new head of Microsoft AI, Suleyman, presents at Build.

According to a session description, the software giant will also disclose new AI capabilities that will give access to the users for deeper interaction with their digital lives on Windows. Developers will have the opportunity to integrate these functionalities into Windows applications.

In line with this strategy, Microsoft revealed Surface PCs in March, incorporating a Copilot button for swift access to the company’s chatbot. These machines are equipped with Intel processors.

Microsoft has long been committed to enhancing user experience on Windows PCs by employing energy-efficient chips based on the Arm architecture rather than the standard x86 model utilized by Intel.

Features include Advanced Paste, Arm-based AI, and Azure AI safety measures.(Credits: Microsoft News)

At Build, Microsoft intends to analyze how Windows apps will leverage Arm-based neural processing engines, or NPUs, for AI tasks.

Organizations developing their chatbots in the Azure AI Studio will learn about new features of AI safety, designed to mitigate the risk of models generating inappropriate content or posing security threats.

Furthermore, Microsoft aims to streamline the utilization of Azure comprehensively. The company will outline enhancements to the Copilot chatbot available in Azure, currently accessible to select clients in preview mode.

Sajda Parveen
Sajda Parveen
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