My Landlady Noona Chapter 111: Preview, Recap and Where To Read

My Landlady Noona Manhwa Chapter 111

My Landlady Noona is a South Korean webtoon written and illustrated by Lee Ji-woo. The series follows the story of a young man named Min-soo, who moves into an apartment building owned by a beautiful and mysterious woman named Noona.

“My Landlady Noona,” also recognized as “Noona of the Building Owner” or “The Owner Of A Building,” stands as a Korean manga series authored and illustrated by Congee. This mature romance narrative orbits around the life of a young man named Min-woo, who shares his living quarters with Hari, his landlady.

Initially, Min-woo regards Hari as a sisterly figure, but with the passage of time, he finds himself entangled in romantic affections for her. Hari, too, grapples with feelings of attraction towards Min-woo, yet she proceeds with caution, wary of jeopardizing their cherished friendship.

Since its online serialization debut in 2022, “My Landlady Noona” has amassed an impressive collection of over 100 chapters. A noteworthy feature of this manga is its acclaim for its authentic depiction of relationships, coupled with its inclusion of passionate and intimate sequences. However, it has also faced criticism, chiefly regarding its explicit content and its approach to age gap dynamics.

For those seeking a mature romance manga rich in emotional depth and passionate encounters, “My Landlady Noona” presents an engaging choice. It’s essential to be aware that due to its explicit nature, it may not be suitable for readers who are sensitive to graphic material.

My Landlady Noona Chapter 111 Plot and Recap

In the previous chapter of My Landlady Noona, Min-soo and Noona started to develop feelings for each other. However, they are both hesitant to act on their feelings because of their age difference and their relationship as landlord and tenant.

In Chapter 111, Min-soo and Noona will continue to struggle with their feelings for each other. They will also have to deal with the challenges of their relationship, such as their age difference and their relationship as landlord and tenant.

Fans have been eagerly anticipating My Landlady Noona Chapter 111, yearning for glimpses of what lies ahead in the story. Yet, as of now, no information or leaks have surfaced regarding the chapter’s content. The enigmatic twists in the narrative have left readers hungry for clues about the fate of Min-woo and Hari’s intricate relationship. The lack of spoilers has only amplified the excitement within the dedicated fan community.

Supporters of My Landlady Noona are showcasing remarkable patience as they await the arrival of Chapter 111, hopeful that it will shed light on the evolving dynamics between the main characters and provide insights into the story’s trajectory. The absence of spoilers has cultivated an aura of suspense and curiosity, rendering the release of Chapter 111 a highly anticipated event in the realm of manga enthusiasts.

Release Date & Time

Fantastic news awaits the avid followers of My Landlady Noona! The highly anticipated Chapter 111 is slated for release on September 25, 2023, bringing an end to the fervent anticipation that has gripped readers. Fans from all corners of the globe have marked this date on their calendars, eagerly anticipating a return to the captivating realm of Min-woo and Hari’s love story.

With the release date drawing near, readers are abuzz with excitement, poised to uncover the enthralling twists, dramatic turns, and insightful revelations that Chapter 111 has in store for the narrative.

Where To Read

My Landlady Noona Chapter 111 will be available to read on the following platforms:

  • Webtoon (Korean)
  • Tapas
  • Lezhin Comics

Based on the most recent information, it appears that there are no official English subtitles or translations readily accessible for My Landlady Noona. English-speaking fans of the series might need to exercise some patience while awaiting authorized translations. Tapas, a platform renowned for hosting various webcomics and web novels, could potentially be one of the platforms to watch as it catches up with the original version.

To access My Landlady Noona Chapter 111 in English when it becomes available, it is advisable to stay updated through reputable manga and webcomic platforms, as well as fan communities and forums that may share information about authorized translations as they are released. Remember to support the official release once it becomes accessible to enjoy the series while respecting the efforts of the creators and translators.


The preview for My Landlady Noona Chapter 111 shows Min-soo and Noona spending time together and talking about their feelings. It also shows Min-soo and Noona struggling with their relationship and the challenges that they face.

The preview starts with a scene of Min-soo and Noona walking home from work. They are talking about their day, and they are both laughing.

The preview then cuts to a scene of Min-soo and Noona sitting on the couch in Min-soo’s apartment. They are talking about their feelings for each other, and they are both hesitant to act on their feelings.

For the ardent My Landlady Noona fans eagerly awaiting Chapter 111, the quest for raw scans has become a customary ritual preceding each new release. While an exact raw scan release date remains undisclosed, the prevailing trend within the manga community suggests that raw scans typically emerge roughly one to two days before the official chapter release date.

With Chapter 111’s official release scheduled for September 25, 2023, enthusiasts can reasonably expect raw scans to become available sometime before September 22, 2023.

This critical timeframe affords dedicated fans the opportunity for an early glimpse into the unfolding developments of the story, providing a tantalizing preview of the narrative twists and character interactions that lie on the horizon. As anticipation continues to mount, the pursuit of raw scans becomes an integral facet of the My Landlady Noona experience, especially for those who simply can’t wait to immerse themselves in the latest chapter.

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