New Costco in Sacramento is A Boom For the Growing Natomas

A new Costco store is poised to open this week in Natomas, marking a significant boom for the local community.

Even before its official opening, a small queue has formed outside the new Costco, reflecting the anticipation and excitement surrounding the store’s debut.

However, Costco’s arrival is just one aspect of a broader narrative concerning Natomas and its transformation since the days when Arco Arena, the former home of the Sacramento Kings, defined the area.

On Wednesday, crowds had already gathered in anticipation of Thursday’s opening, eager to take advantage of the limited availability of high-quality items.

Among those eagerly awaiting the opening was Gerard Alcantara, a Fairfield native, who observed the evolving landscape of Natomas. “We noticed the new apartments out here,” he remarked. “Everything looks new, like they just built it.”

The proliferation of new residences, amenities, and now Costco exemplifies the changing dynamics north of Interstate 80.

“Previously known for Arco Arena, that was the focal point, but there were no residential properties around it,” noted Ryan Lundquist, a real estate expert in the Sacramento area.

Lundquist emphasized the significant evolution of the community, suggesting that recent arrivals might be unaware of the area’s past as a sports venue.

A building moratorium imposed in 2008 due to necessary levee improvements temporarily stalled development, but construction resumed in 2015.

Since the lifting of the moratorium, the median house price has surged, nearly doubling in value.

“When you consider the Natomas area, the homes were predominantly built around 2003, unlike the earlier stock dating back to around 1980,” Lundquist explained.

This suggests ample room for further development.

“The increasing availability of housing units online and the proliferation of apartment complexes nearby indicate ongoing growth,” remarked City Councilor Karina Talamantes during the new Costco’s unveiling on Thursday.

Talamantes, who represents the area, has witnessed firsthand the community’s expansion, noting the emergence of new schools, parks, homes, and rental apartments.

As Costco opens its doors to shoppers on Thursday, it symbolizes Natomas’ continuing evolution as a thriving residential area.

“My aim is to foster further infill development,” Talamantes declared. “I fully support the utilization of any residentially zoned land for housing projects.”

According to data from Redfin, Natomas boasts a competitive housing market, scoring between 80 and 84 out of 100. Coupled with ongoing projects in the vicinity, this suggests that growth in the area shows no signs of slowing down.

Josh Alba
Josh Alba
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