New York City’s Notorious Landlord Faces House Arrest in Neglected Building

New York City’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development wants to punish Daniel Ohebshalom, a landlord known for not taking care of his properties, in a new way. Ohebshalom hasn’t fixed hundreds of problems in his buildings in Washington Heights.

He’s currently in Rikers Island jail for 60 days. Now, the city is thinking of making his punishment longer or making him stay in one of his rundown buildings instead.

This idea is like what happened in the movie “The Super” from 1991. It shows how the city is upset with landlords who don’t keep their buildings safe for people to live in.

Ongoing Problems Despite Legal Battles

Daniel Ohebshalom has faced legal issues because of almost 700 problems in his buildings. These include rats, leaks, and ceilings collapsing, one of which fell onto a child’s bed.

New York City's Notorious Landlord Faces House Arrest in Neglected Building
The proposal suggests putting Ohebshalom under house arrest on his neglected property. (Credits: iStock)

Even though he tried to fix some things, the city worries he might run away after his jail time, leaving many issues unresolved.

This situation has gotten so serious that the city is trying new legal ways to make sure buildings are safe, highlighting a bigger problem of landlords following the rules in New York City.

The case against Ohebshalom isn’t just about the law, but it shows a bigger problem between the city trying to make sure housing is good and landlords not doing their part. Ohebshalom’s buildings, like 705-709 West 170th Street, are a big part of this problem.

Bigger Picture of Housing Problems And Tougher Rules for Landlords

The city’s idea of making him stay in one of his buildings is a strong reminder of what happens when living conditions aren’t safe.

The city worries Ohebshalom the ‘worst landlord’ might flee, leaving hundreds of unresolved issues in his buildings.

This also makes us think about whether the rules we have now are good enough and whether we need stronger ways to make sure tenants are safe.

The city’s move against Ohebshalom is an important step in making sure tenants have rights and safe homes in New York City. By maybe making a landlord live in his building, the city is saying how important it is for landlords to do their part.

This case also shows that we need big changes to make sure everyone has a safe place to live, challenging how things are now between landlords and tenants in cities.

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