Neways, Supplier to ASML, Set to Construct New Plant in Malaysia

Neways, a crucial supplier to ASML, the Dutch computer chip equipment manufacturer, announced on Friday the initiation of a new chapter by establishing a new plant in Klang, Malaysia.

The move signifies a strategic expansion for the company, slated to commence production in the fourth quarter of 2024. This venture not only bolsters Neway’s foothold in Asia but also complements its existing facility in Wuxi, China.

“Neways will focus on developing and producing advanced modules and cabinets for some of the world’s most renowned players in the semiconductor sector,” the company stated, elucidating its commitment to serving the semiconductor industry’s elite clientele.

Neways, Supplier to ASML, Set to Construct New Plant in Malaysia
Production at the Malaysian facility starts in Q4 2024, targeting advanced modules for global semiconductor players.

Although Neway refrained from disclosing the precise magnitude of the investment, it articulated its vision to scale up its Malaysian operations to encompass a workforce of 200 employees.

The decision to set up shop in Malaysia was meticulously deliberated, with the company citing the nation’s robust ecosystem as a decisive factor.

Neways, Supplier to ASML, Set to Construct New Plant in Malaysia
The strategic move underscores Neway’s commitment to serving ASML and other semiconductor giants with innovative solutions.

“The choice for Malaysia is largely driven by the country having a well-developed ecosystem… including a well-established mature semiconductor supply chain,” remarked a company spokesperson, underlining the strategic advantages inherent in Malaysia’s industrial landscape.

Neways, having undergone delisting in 2021 after its acquisition by investment firm Infestos for 177 million euros ($191 million), specializes in manufacturing electrical control units, power controls, and wiring systems vital for ASML’s lithography products.

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