Nick Read Accused By Ex-HR Director To Be Obsessed With His Pay

Nick Read, the former boss of the Post Office, has been accused by the firm’s ex-HR director, Jane Davies, of being excessively preoccupied with his salary and threatening to resign multiple times over pay issues.

According to Davies, when she failed to secure him a pay rise exceeding 5%, Read initiated a deliberate effort to discredit and isolate her.

However, the Post Office refuted these claims, citing a recent report that purportedly exonerated Read and discredited allegations made by Davies and former chair Henry Staunton.

Post Office Location (Credits: Post Office)

The ongoing dispute between Davies and Staunton on one side and the Post Office and the government on the other has surfaced during discussions on compensation for sub-postmasters, though it is distinct from the Post Office Horizon scandal.

Notably, Read’s salary and bonuses have drawn attention, with his earnings reaching £573,000 in 2022-23, including bonuses, and £816,000 the previous year, of which £415,000 constituted salary.

Despite a substantial salary, Read expressed dissatisfaction with a 5% pay rise, which Davies negotiated, considering it insufficient. Davies claims this led to a campaign to discredit her by Read.

Nick Read
Nick Read (Credits: Post Office)

Moreover, a complaint of bullying was directed at Read, not Staunton, according to Davies. She criticized the Post Office for misinterpreting her complaint, which she asserts was solely about Read.

In response, the Post Office emphasized that a thorough investigation led by a reputable barrister cleared Read of all misconduct allegations and discredited many of Davies’s claims.

The investigation’s integrity was affirmed by the barrister, who asserted her independence and impartiality in conducting the inquiry. Despite the investigation’s conclusion, Davies declined to comment further on the matter.

Josh Alba
Josh Alba
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