Nintendo Stock Dips Amid Reports of Switch 2 Delay

Nintendo’s shares experienced a downturn on Monday following a report indicating a potential delay in the launch of the Switch 2, the forthcoming iteration of its flagship gaming console.

In Japan, Nintendo’s stock concluded the trading day 5.84% lower.

Bloomberg’s report on Saturday suggested that Nintendo had informed game publishers of a possible delay in the Switch 2’s release until the early months of 2025, citing sources familiar with the situation.

Nintendo stock drops 5.84%
Nintendo stock drops 5.84% on news of potential Switch 2 delay, impacting market sentiment. (Credits: Google Finance)

Initially aiming for a release toward the end of this year, Nintendo reportedly conveyed to game developers that the launch could be postponed to the following year.

Earlier in the year, analysts had anticipated the introduction of a new Switch console in the latter half of this year.

Over the past year, Nintendo’s stock has seen significant growth, climbing approximately 53%. This surge has been partly fueled by investor anticipation surrounding the launch of a new console, which could provide a substantial boost to the Japanese gaming giant.

Analysts previously anticipated Switch 2 release in late 2024
Analysts previously anticipated Switch 2 release in late 2024; the new launch timing is uncertain. 

While the current Switch nears its seventh year in existence, Nintendo has sustained momentum for the platform through initiatives such as the release of the “Super Mario Bros. Movie” and a new Zelda game, both of which have revitalized interest in the device.

In a recent development, Nintendo revised its forecast for Switch sales in the current fiscal year ending in March, increasing it from 15 million units to 15.5 million units.

The company has maintained a secretive stance regarding the Switch successor. However, a potential delay in pushing the launch to early 2025 would result in missing out on the crucial holiday season in December.

Sajda Parveen
Sajda Parveen
Sajda Praveen is a market expert. She has over 6 years of experience in the field and she shares her expertise with readers. You can reach out to her at [email protected]
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