Nvidia CEO, Jensen Huang Elaborates on the Company’s Decision to Develop Humanoid Robots

Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Huang, shared the company’s ambitious venture into humanoid robotics, driven by the abundance of data derived from human movement itself.

“We’re in a world where, in order to write software for a computer, we use data or training examples, and the computer learns from the examples,” he explained. “Well, we have the most examples of human(s) moving around of just about any other data.”

Highlighting that our world has been largely shaped to accommodate human capabilities, Huang emphasized the significance of leveraging human-centric data to enhance the productivity of robots.

Nvidia CEO, Jensen Huang Elaborates on the Company's Decision to Develop Humanoid Robots
Nvidia CEO, Jensen Huang

He illustrated this point by referencing a car factory, indicating that manufacturing lines were originally designed with human workers in mind.  He noted, that by harnessing data derived from human actions, robots can perform tasks with unparalleled efficiency.

Huang also envisaged a future where robots oversee other robots in manufacturing settings, all contributing to the production process autonomously.

At its recent conference in San Jose, California, Nvidia introduced Project GROOT, or Generalist Robot 00 Technology aimed at laying the groundwork for humanoid robots.

Nvidia CEO, Jensen Huang Elaborates on the Company's Decision to Develop Humanoid Robots
Humanoid Robot

This initiative is part of Nvidia’s broader efforts to advance robotics and embodied artificial intelligence, as outlined in a press release.

In addition to discussing Nvidia’s foray into robotics, Huang highlighted the company’s extensive partnerships across Big Tech and other sectors, underscoring Nvidia’s role as a market innovator rather than merely a competitor.

“This is going to create jobs, it’s going to make companies more productive,” he asserted.

“When companies are more productive, their earnings improve, or their revenues go up. When that happens, they hire more people,” he added during the conversation.

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