Oracle Announces Relocation of Headquarters to Nashville, Tennessee

Oracle Chairman Larry Ellison announced on Tuesday that the company is moving its main headquarters to Nashville, Tennessee, to be closer to a big health-care center.

Ellison spoke with Bill Frist, a former U.S. Senate Majority Leader, saying Oracle is moving a big campus to Nashville, which will become their main headquarters. He mentioned that Nashville is a great place to live and that Oracle employees are excited about it.

Ellison pointed out that Nashville is a major center for the healthcare industry, which is a big focus for Oracle.

The announcement was a bit unexpected, and Ellison joked about it, saying he shouldn’t have said it during the talk with Frist, who is experienced in the healthcare industry and represented Tennessee in the Senate. They talked during the Oracle Health Summit in Nashville.

CTO of Oracle
Larry Ellison announces the move during a talk with Bill Frist and praises Nashville’s appeal.

Shares of Oracle didn’t change much in trading after the announcement.

Oracle moved its headquarters from Silicon Valley to Austin, Texas, in 2020. The company has been getting more involved in health care, especially with its $28 billion acquisition of Cerner, a big medical records software company.

Ellison said Oracle is relatively new to health care but feels they have a duty to help solve issues in the industry.

Nashville has been a big deal in health care for years and is now home to many health systems, startups, and investment firms.

Oracle investing in a $1.2 billion campus
Oracle investing in a $1.2 billion campus, sees Nashville as a future center for company growth. (Credits: HIMSS Media)

The city’s reputation as a healthcare hub grew when HCA Healthcare, one of the first for-profit hospital companies in the U.S., was founded there in 1968.

HCA attracted lots of health-care professionals to Nashville, and other organizations followed. Oracle has been building its new $1.2 billion campus in Nashville for about three years.

Ellison emphasized that Oracle employees love being in Nashville and they believe it’s where their future is headed.

Sajda Parveen
Sajda Parveen
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