Oregon Health Authority Scrutinizes UnitedHealth’s Acquisition of Amedisys

Oregon’s health authority has initiated a scrutiny of UnitedHealth Group’s $3.3 billion purchase of a home health and hospice caregiver, as revealed by Amedisys on Tuesday.

UnitedHealth’s acquisition plan was announced back in June, following a competitive bid against Option Care Health.

Oregon Health Authority Scrutinizes UnitedHealth's Acquisition of Amedisys
UnitedHealth’s acquisition bid, announced in June after competing with Option Care Health, underscores the company’s strategic push to expand its presence in the lucrative home healthcare sector, following a significant acquisition of LHC Group the previous year.

This move aimed to expand UnitedHealth’s foothold in the home healthcare sector a strategy that had been reinforced by its $5.4 billion acquisition of LHC Group, a competitor of Amedisys, the previous year.

Oregon Health Authority Scrutinizes UnitedHealth's Acquisition of Amedisys
Oregon aims to complete its review within 180 days of receiving the transaction form, the process signifies a regulatory milestone in the scrutiny of major healthcare acquisitions, shaping the landscape of the industry.

According to Amedisys, the notice from Oregon’s health authority indicates anticipation of concluding the review process within 180 days upon receipt of the transaction from a milestone that had been confirmed by the agency in December,

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