Paige Rice Boyfriend: Who Is She Dating In 2021?

Paige Rice
Paige Rice

Who are Paige Rice and her boyfriend in 2021? What do we know about the makeup influencer’s love life and career? Talking about her identity, Paige Rice was a very famous makeup influencer. Well, starting from the basics, she was a famous social media star has passed away on 17th October 2021. She passed away because her boyfriend’s car crashed into a taxi. At her death, the famous social media star Paige Rice was in her boyfriend’s Audi S3.

Rice was such an inspiring and kind woman with a clean heart who had so much to give. Whenever she met someone, she had an impact and a simple that made anyone fall. She was an inspiring woman who had so much life to live and so much to achieve. After her demise, many fans of Paige are heartbroken. Paige Rice, the famous social media star, lost her precious life last Sunday, 17th October 2021, in a tragic accident.

How Old Was Paige Rice?

The famous makeup influencer and social media star Paige Rice was Born in England. And she was 22 years old at the time of her demise. The famous social media star was born to Clara(mother). There is no info available regarding her father and her siblings. So, we can’t tell you. However, we try our best to keep updating the pages with the latest info.

Paige Rice
Paige Rice

Who Is Paige Rice?

The famous makeup influencer Paige Rice was visiting her boyfriend in Liverpool at the time of the crash. Due to the severe accident, her boyfriend is still critical, while the taxi driver is in a non-life-threatening condition. The social media star used to live in Marston Green in Birmingham. And her mother said that she(Paige) suffers from a chronic illness, and she used to motivate her to stay positive and keep going. She further said, “She had massive dreams, wanted to see the world and live a full life. The social media star will fill her time with being social between working hard and taking care of me. ”

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At her demise, the social media star was working as a nail technician and was selling cars. Rice started her own makeup artists business when she was just 15 years old, her mother said. By the time of her demise, the famous makeup artist had gained many followers on Instagram. While as a young girl, the famous social media star went to Valentine Theatre School. From where she learned about dance and drama.

Paige Rice
Paige Rice

Who Is Paige Rice Boyfriend?

Paige Rice was in a relationship for so long, whose identity is not known yet. During her demise in a horrifying car accident, she traveled with her boyfriend in his Audi S3 when his car slammed into a taxi. Meanwhile, according to Birmingham, her boyfriend is still fighting for his life in hospital.

The Social Media Star Death

The famous social media star Rice is suspected of being the victim of the tragic tragedy that claimed her life. Despite being brought to the hospital as soon as the tragedy occurred, she was unable to survive. Despite being brought to the hospital as soon as the accident happened, the makeup artist could not survive.

While the police investigate, the Queensway Tunnel, also known as the Birkenhead Tunnel, remains closed. Alternative routes have been suggested for the drivers. May her soul find eternal rest.

Where does Rice attend High school And University? What Was Her Major?

As for now, we all know that the famous social media star is British. And so, most probably, she must have completed her education from her hometown. But the exact info about her education has not been unpublished yet.

Paige Rice Net Worth

It is not confirmed whether the social media star has any net worth or not. However, she has got a decent lifestyle. The famous social media star Rice’s parents have got a good net worth. And her parents have got a good net worth of between $500K – $1 million approximately.

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