Protesters Disrupt Biden, Obama, and Clinton at $25 Million New York Fundraiser

President Joe Biden and his Democratic predecessor, Barack Obama, were the prominent figures at a high-profile fundraiser alongside former President Bill Clinton.

The event, held on Thursday, garnered attention as it unfolded amid interruptions from protesters. Despite the disruptions, Biden, accompanied by Obama, journeyed to New York for the occasion, engaging in a dialogue moderated by Stephen Colbert, host of “The Late Show,” at the illustrious Radio City Music Hall.

The fundraiser, attended by thousands, aimed to support Biden’s reelection campaign and reportedly amassed over $25 million. However, the gathering was marked by multiple protests within the expansive venue.

Attendees interjected, expressing dissent over Biden’s stance on the Gaza crisis, wherein he supported Israel amidst the Hamas conflict that has resulted in a significant loss of life in Gaza.

Amidst the clamor, one protester shouted, “Shame on you, Joe Biden!”

Obama and Clinton underscored a presidential viewpoint on the Gaza crisis, emphasizing the intricate political dynamics inherent in White House decisions.

They articulated the dual challenge facing a president: supporting Israel while advocating for improved conditions and a viable future state for Palestinians, including access to essential resources like food and medical supplies.

Reflecting on the demanding nature of the presidency, Obama remarked, “It’s a lonely seat,” highlighting the juxtaposition of joy and beauty with tragedy and cruelty in global affairs.

He acknowledged the complexity of decision-making, noting that while individuals may desire purity in presidential actions, such luxury eludes those in office.

In response to a protester’s interruption during the discussion, Obama delivered a sharp retort, emphasizing the importance of both speaking and listening in dialogue.

He admonished, “You can’t just talk and not listen…That’s what the other side does.”

The duo of former presidents further supported Biden’s economic stewardship, despite its tepid reception in national polls. Clinton highlighted the contrast between Biden’s economic performance and that of the Trump administration, noting significant advancements under Biden’s leadership.

Protesters Disrupt Biden, Obama, and Clinton at $25 Million New York Fundraiser
Crowd of demonstrators protesting Israel’s conflict with Hamas in Gaza to stop.

“I believe in keeping score,” Clinton affirmed, asserting that Biden’s policies have yielded tangible benefits for America, warranting his reelection.

Before the event, the motorcade carrying the three leaders passed through a crowd of demonstrators protesting Israel’s conflict with Hamas in Gaza. This scene underscored the discontent among some young voters and progressives who had backed Biden in 2020 but are now critical of his unwavering support for Israel’s response to the October 7 Hamas attacks.

The Event of $500,000 Tickets

The event featured performances by renowned musicians including Queen Latifah, Lizzo, Ben Platt, Cynthia Erivo, and Lea Michele. Notably, some of the high-paying attendees had the opportunity to have their photos taken with the three presidents by celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz.

Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump, Biden’s Republican rival in the upcoming election, was also in the New York area on Thursday, attending a wake for a slain New York City policeman.

With Biden facing scrutiny over his age and fitness for a second term, recent Reuters/Ipsos polls showing his approval rating at 40% and a tight race with Trump, the show of support from his predecessors aimed to underscore party unity and demonstrate fundraising prowess.

President Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and former President Bill Clinton at Radio City Music Hall
President Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and former President Bill Clinton at Radio City Music Hall for the $25 Million New York Fundraising.

Tickets for the event ranged from $250 to $500,000, with over 5,000 attendees expected. Despite lukewarm enthusiasm for Biden in opinion polls, his high-profile allies are rallying to bolster his support, contrasting with a Republican Party where many prominent figures oppose Trump.

Injecting humor into the proceedings, Biden referenced President Harry Truman’s advice about getting a friend in Washington by getting a dog, jokingly mentioning that his dog bit a Secret Service agent before leaving the White House last year after a series of incidents.

The event concluded with each of the men sporting aviator sunglasses, a nod to Biden’s trademark style. “Dark Brandon is real,” Biden exclaimed, alluding to a meme about himself.

In Long Island with Trump

Earlier on Long Island, east of New York, Trump paid respects at a wake for Jonathan Diller, the policeman tragically killed during a routine traffic stop in the city earlier this week.

“These things can’t happen. We need law and order,” Trump asserted, surrounded by solemn uniformed officers, as he addressed reporters outside a funeral home in Massapequa.

Trump has emphasized support for law enforcement as a cornerstone of his campaign, while also condemning investigations targeting him.

Currently facing four criminal trials related to actions during the 2020 election, mishandling of classified information, and involvement in a “hush money” arrangement with a porn star, Trump maintains his innocence despite significant fines for misrepresenting his financial status to lenders.

In contrast, Biden’s campaign has consistently outpaced Trump’s in fundraising, drawing in substantial sums from both large and small donors. Biden’s reelection effort reported raising over $53 million in February, with an additional $10 million generated in the 24 hours following his March 7 address to Congress.

Trump aims to bolster his campaign coffers with a $33 million fundraiser planned for April 6, according to a source familiar with his plans.

Acknowledging the fundraising gap, a Trump campaign adviser attributed it to Biden’s support from “billionaire” backers, contrasting it with the grassroots support sustaining Trump’s campaign.

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