Raymond Van Barneveld Net Worth: How Rich Is The Darts Player In 2021?

Raymond Van Barneveld Net Worth
Raymond Van Barneveld Net Worth

Dutch professional darts player Raymond van Barneveld is one of the wealthiest players in history. The five times PDC World Darts champion remained the world’s number one player for most of his career. Van Barneveld, also nicknamed The Man, has several wins and titles under his name. From the year 2018, Barneveld had plans to retire from his career. His constant battle with diabetes and depression was the primary reason for him planning to quit much earlier than he anticipated. But then the plan was revised, and in 2020, Barneveld retired after the 2020 PDC World Darts Championship.

But good news to all the fans! Barneveld is back in the game and decided to fight all the odds instead of running away. According to Barneveld, it was not an easy decision. But not playing darts made things even difficult for him as it worsened his depression. With the player’s comeback and him claiming the top ranks once again, it might be the perfect time to look at how much money the 54-year-old makes in a year. This article will be focusing on the career, net worth, and earnings of the star darts player as of 2021.

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Raymond Van Barneveld Net Worth

Dutch professional darts player Raymond van Barneveld is estimated to have a net worth of $7 million. He started his professional career at the age of seventeen. But his interest in the sport was not enough to get him going, as, at the beginning of his career, he faced severe financial issues. Barneveld used to be a postman in his hometown. He continued to be in this job even years after being a professional player. Being a postman ensured him a regular paycheck, and he got almost $1000 every month. For him, at that point in time, just the concept of being employed was a huge relief.

Raymond van Barneveld Net Worth
Raymond Van Barneveld During The McCoys Premier League Darts Play-Offs Semi-Final Match

Barneveld won his first world title in 2007. It was this world championship that changed him and gave him the confidence to finally let go of his job at the post office so that he could devote more time to playing darts. According to him, the title raised his monthly allowances from $ 1000 to 50,000 in one go. Barneveld ranked the number one from 2008 till most of his career. But his struggle with diabetes caused many other health problems, including tremendous weight loss, and Barneveld could not keep up his form. His position in the top spot was threatened, and the player even decided to quit multiple times. But in 2021, Barneveld is at the top of his game. After his comeback, he won fair and square with player Joe Cullen and retrieved his top position.

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More About Barneveld’s Career And Achievements

Raymond van Barneveld is one of the most successful darts players to date. He has won many titles and championships. The player started his darts career at a very young age. Even though the financial crisis dragged him down, he did not leave his passion for the sport. In 2007, Barneveld won his first world championship. This was the first among many other titles he would be credited to in the future. He won four BDO and one PDC world championship. He won the World’s Darts Trophy twice, one in 2003 and then consecutively in 2004. Barney was the second man to nine-darter at PDC’s most significant event in 2009, against Jelle Klaasen and, this got him bonus money of pounds 25,000.

Raymond van Barneveld Net Worth
Raymond Van Barneveld At 2017 William Hill PDC World Darts Championships

In 2012, Barneveld lost the PDC World Dart Championship to fellow player James Richardson. It was one of the biggest tragedies in PDC history. But the same year, he defeated player Mark Welsh in a nonranking tournament and won the Gland Slam of Darts. Even though he had plans to quit the game in 2018, the player decided to continue, and finally, in 2020, he announced his retirement. But one year into retired life and Barnie decided to make a comeback. In February 2021, he won the tournament after defeating English player Joe Cullen.

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