Real Estate Titan Joseph Mattone Passes Away at 92

Joseph Mattone, an esteemed figure in both real estate development and law, passed away at 92 in his New York residence. His demise signifies the end of a significant era in the New York real estate landscape.

Born in 1931 in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Mattone’s journey was molded by the challenges of the Great Depression, fostering his resilience. Transitioning from public education to law studies laid the foundation for his prosperous career in real estate.

Mattone’s enduring legacy encompasses the establishment of Mattone Investors in the late 1950s, a company overseeing a vast portfolio of properties, including the renowned Jamaica Center, totaling over 4 million square feet.

Forging a Legacy

Joseph Mattone’s journey from practicing law in Greenpoint to spearheading a real estate empire illustrates his visionary approach and unwavering determination.

Joseph Mattone real estate
Jamaica Center

His portfolio, highlighted by landmarks like the Jamaica Center and the Embassy Tower, reflects his profound influence on New York’s cityscape. Guided by his leadership, Mattone Investors became synonymous with transformative ventures that not only revitalized communities but also provided fresh avenues for commerce and residency.

Today, his son, Michael Mattone, carries forward this rich legacy as the CEO, ensuring the company’s continued prominence in the field.

A Legacy Beyond Buildings

Beyond his tangible contributions to New York’s skyline, Joseph Mattone’s legacy is deeply interwoven with the community and educational institutions.

His philanthropy, particularly towards St. John’s University, where part of the Law School is named in his honor, underscores his commitment to giving back.

Joseph Mattone real estate
The Mattone Family Institute for Real Estate Law

The Mattone Family Institute for Real Estate Law stands as a tribute to his dedication to education and the legal profession. His honorary doctorate and membership in the Founder’s Society highlight the profound respect and admiration he garnered throughout his life.

Contemplating a Remarkable Career

Joseph Mattone’s evolution from a product of the Great Depression to a titan in real estate epitomizes the classic American narrative. His adeptness in navigating the intricacies of real estate development, alongside his legal expertise, distinguished him as a visionary in his era.

The scope of his endeavors and the pivotal impact of his ventures, such as the Jamaica Center, mirror a profound grasp of market intricacies and societal demands. Mattone’s philanthropic initiatives, especially his advocacy for legal education, underscore a steadfast faith in the transformative potential of learning.

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