Recap of U.S. Stock Movement and Global Market Trends

American stock markets had a mixed day on Monday. The Dow Jones Industrial Average went down by 0.43% to 39,831.18 points, while the Nasdaq Composite rose by 0.53% to 16,775.01 points. The S&P 500 also went up a bit, by 0.09% to 5,307.88 points.

The technology companies did well, going up by 1.3%, but financial companies didn’t do as well, going down by 0.7%. This shows that different types of businesses had various levels of support from investors.

Li Auto, unfortunately, left behind the expectations people had in the first quarter of the year, and its stock price dropped a lot. It made $3.55 billion in revenue, which is 36.4% more than last year, but it was less than what experts thought it would make, which was $3.84 billion.

NKGen Biotech stock
NKGen Biotech’s Alzheimer’s trial approval propels shares up 55%.

They made 17 cents for every ADS share, which was less than the 35 cents that experts predicted. They also said they might not make as much money in the next quarter because more companies are competing with them and the market is tough. This made Li Auto’s stock price go down by almost 13% to $21.77, which is lower than it has been in the past year.

Some other companies had big changes in their stock prices on Monday. NKGen Biotech, Inc. went up by 55% to $1.7350 after they got permission to start a Phase 2 trial for a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. GT Biopharma, Inc. went up by 142% to $7.54 because they didn’t lose as much money as people thought they would in the last three months.

Tantech Holdings Ltd went up by 119% to $1.44, and MultiMetaVerse Holdings Limited went up by 102% to $1.25 after they said they might buy another company. But not every company did well. Virios Therapeutics, Inc. went down by 49% to $0.1790 after they decided to sell $1.7 million worth of their stock.

European and Asian markets see moderate gains; economic indicators show signs of improvement.

Akoustis Technologies, Inc. went down by 47% to $0.1899 after they lost a court case about using other people’s ideas without permission. Jaguar Health, Inc. went down by 44% to $0.1457 after they decided to change how many shares each person has.

In Europe, the stock market went up a little. The STOXX 600 went up by 0.2%, Germany’s DAX went up by 0.4%, and France’s CAC 40 went up by 0.5%. In Spain, people felt better about the economy in April compared to March, and in Italy, the construction industry did better in March compared to last year.

In Asia, the stock market also went up. Japan’s Nikkei went up by 0.73%, China’s stock market went up by 0.54%, Hong Kong’s stock market went up by 0.42%, and India’s stock market went up by 0.46%. In Hong Kong, the unemployment rate stayed the same at 3%, and in Malaysia, they didn’t make as much money from trading compared to last year.

Sajda Parveen
Sajda Parveen
Sajda Praveen is a market expert. She has over 6 years of experience in the field and she shares her expertise with readers. You can reach out to her at [email protected]
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