Reggie Yates Net Worth: How Rich Is The Actor In 2021?

Reggie Yates Net Worth
Reggie Yates Net Worth

Reginald Yates is an actor, a television presenter, and a radio DJ. He has been in the acting profession since a very young age. His first role was in a television comedy called Desmonds. Since then, the star has been active both on-screen in television and reality shows and radio as a DJ. Yates is best known for presenting the BBC Radio 1 show along with co-presenter Fearne Cotton.

Thirty years into the industry, Yates is one of the wealthiest and most famous faces in showbiz. He has been in countless projects ranging from films to television series, reality shows, and radio. All of these contribute to the star’s annual income and earnings. Even though Yates faced a lot of controversies throughout his career, he made sure not to let them hinder his path to success. In 2021, the actor is making his directorial debut with the fictional feature film Pirates. With the actor adding direction to his list of talents, it would be the right time to check out the net worth of the star. In this article, we will be looking into the career and earnings of the actor as of 2021.

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Reggie Yates Net Worth

The actor and presenter, Reginald Yates, has a net worth of $ 3.5 million. Yates started his career as a child actor. So it’s safe to say he was getting paid from a young age in his life. His first project was in a television comedy called the Desmonds. After that, he landed in a number of projects in television and radio as a presenter and host. In 2002, he was a part of Smile’s BBC show, which he co-presented with host Fearne Cotton. He also made appearances in television series, including UGet Me, Trinity, and Doctor Who. Other than his television roles, Yates is known for his talent as a voice actor. He was the voice behind the lead character of the animated television series Ratamouse. The show ran for 52 episodes in three seasons after its launch in the year 2011.

Reggie Yates Net Worth
Reggie Yates Attends The British Independent Film Awards 2019

The majority of Yates’s career is centered around television and radio. But the actor tried his luck in writing and directing through the 2013 short film Patriarch. This was followed by the short film The Date Night the following year, which won The Best UK Short Film at London Independent Film Festival. In 2021, he turned over a new leaf by debuting in directing an entire feature film. The movie titled Pirates is set to be released in November this year. His earnings are primarily from his television and radio programs. But other than that, his constant appearances in award shows and films also contribute to his income.

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Yates And Controversial Statements

Yates is a television presenter and radio host. So it is expected f him to make the show exciting and fun. But the issue with making things interesting is that there is such a fine line between entertaining and offensive. And sometimes, the talents associated can lose touch with this and ends up making controversial statements. Yates is no different. In 2017, the television host made a statement that said: “Fat Jewish guy” on a podcast. This gave way to huge criticisms. The racist and stereotypical comment from a guy who is considered a role model to young kids led the show to face colossal backlash. Yates finally apologized for his reference and promised to be more cautious while dealing with sensitive issues.

Reggie Yates Net Worth
Reggie Yates

But this did not stop him from being the subject of debate later the same year. Yates was a part of the BBC documentary Hidden Australia: Black in the Outback. But the documentary faced charges of misinterpreting the Aboriginal community of regional Australia. The residents accused that they expected the channel to be much more authentic and fair in representing them. Still, they missed the mark and ended up portraying the community in a negative light. The community also raised their voices against the unethical behavior they faced from the show’s host Reginald Yates. The channel made an official apology and dissolved the issue.

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