Rick Nielsen Net Worth: How Much Does The Musician Earns In 2021?

Rick Nielsen Net Worth
Rick Nielsen Net Worth

Leader of the Rock band Cheap Trick, Rick Nielsen is an American musician and songwriter. Nielsen is also the lead guitarist of the band. The band was active from the 1970s and had several hits under its name. Rick was a true rock n’ roll fan. His music primarily focused on this era, but this did not reflect in his outfit choices. On stage, Rick always tried highly unusual and unconventional attires that gave him a unique persona. Nielsen’s songs were the soul of the band. The band did extensive tours and concerts throughout the ’80s to solidify its central Rock band.

Nielsen is known for his fantastic collection of guitars. His musical instruments and record labels associated with the band Cheap Trick were exhibited at the Burpee Museum of Natural History. The exhibits included the eccentric musician’s musical instruments as well as his personal belongings. A documentary based on Rick Nielsen’s life was also presented at the museum. The documentary discussed Nielsen’s artistic style and also his impact on the rock n’ roll era. Various artists shared their love and admiration for the artist through this documentary.

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Rick Nielsen Net Worth

American musician Richard Alan Nielsen is estimated to have a net worth of about $ 25 million. Most of his income came from the songs and records he released under the band. The band Cheap Trick has sold around 20 million albums. Before Cheap Trick, Nielsen was a part of several other bands. Some of them are Fuse, The Grim Reapers, and the Nazz. But these bands did not cut, and Nielsen eventually left them. It was in 1973, Nielsen co-founded the band Cheap Trick along with bandmate Bunn. E. Carlos. The band was a success, and they toured extensively to promote their music. Nielsen has a massive passion for guitars. Not only does he use a different guitar for all of his performances, but he owns a collection of 400 unique guitars. His favorite among them would be the high neck guitar.

Rick Nielsen Net Worth
Steve Miller and Rick Nielsen Of Cheap Trick Onstage At The 31st Annual Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony

Other than the labels under the band, Nielsen also writes songs for other artists. This also contributes majorly to his income. Nielsen has made guest appearances in albums of other artists. He has also appeared in countless television and radio shows. Even though the primary source of his income comes from music labels, these television and radio show also add to his high net worth.

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Rick Nielsen’s Musical Career

Nielsen had an interest in music since a young age. His parents were both opera singers. Nielsen’s father directed over 40 symphonies. This background might be the influence that made him choose a music career. Nielsen was fascinated by the rock n’ roll era and wanted to venture more into that area. At the beginning of his career, he worked as a part of several bands like Grim Reaper and Fumes. But those attempts did not succeed, and he eventually disbanded. It was in 1973 he collaborated with Bunn. E. Carlos, Tom Peterson, and Robin Zander to form the band Cheap Trick. This was the beginning of his journey to stardom.

Rick Nielsen Net Worth
Rick Nielsen, Tom Petersson, Daxx Nielsen, And Robin Zander Of Cheap Trick Perform Onstage During MusiCares Person Of The Year

The band enjoyed immense success and popularity. They did immense tours and did almost 3700 live performances.  Nielsen was the lead guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist of the group. He can be best described as an eccentric musician. The band, over its active years, sold over 20 million albums. Some of the hit songs include Dream Police and The Flame. Nielsen often collaborated with other artists like Gene Simmons and made guest appearances in their songs.

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The artist is also known for his work as a songwriter. He was the primary lyricist of the band and has also written songs for other artists like Rick Derringer. The band is still active and, in April 2021, released their recent album Another World.