Roblox Welcomes Jerret West as New CMO, Enhances Global Strategy and Communication Leadership

Roblox has chosen Jerret West as its new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and head of market expansion. In his new role, West will oversee Roblox’s marketing and creative teams, reporting directly to founder and CEO David Baszucki.

Baszucki is excited about West joining the team, as they both aim to connect a billion people worldwide with positivity and respect through the platform.

Alongside West’s appointment, Desiree Fish has been promoted to Chief Communications Officer (CCO) at Roblox. Fish previously served as VP of Communications and played a crucial role in leading Roblox’s communications and marketing efforts during the search for a new CMO.

Roblox plans to leverage West’s extensive experience in global team leadership to drive international growth. Before joining Roblox, West served as CMO of Xbox and corporate vice president of Microsoft Gaming, where he played a pivotal role in strategic marketing initiatives.

Jerret West
Jerret West

His background also includes senior leadership roles at Netflix, contributing significantly to the platform’s expansion across Europe and Asia Pacific.

West sees tremendous potential in Roblox, describing it as a platform where generations growing up in the digital age converge daily to enjoy immersive experiences together. He emphasized Roblox’s ongoing exploration of new ways to create joy and fun, highlighting the platform’s position as a vibrant community that continues to grow globally.

In addition to overseeing marketing efforts, West’s responsibilities include fostering brand partnerships at Roblox. The platform has expanded its offerings to include e-commerce support and programmatic video ads, aiming to enhance accessibility and engagement for brands.

West envisions innovative opportunities for brands to collaborate with Roblox in unique ways, underscoring the platform’s potential as a storytelling hub connecting diverse content to its expansive and increasingly diverse user base.

Michael Manua
Michael Manua
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