Rumble Cloud and Qinshift Are Entering A Partnership

Rumble (NASDAQ: RUM), the video-sharing platform and cloud services provider, is pleased to announce a strategic collaboration with Qinshift, a global leader in managed IT services and solutions with over 7,000 employees (inclusive of Avenga, a recently acquired Germany-based global technology platform).

Through this partnership, Rumble Cloud will amalgamate the collective expertise, resources, and industry insights of both entities, harnessing Qinshift’s highly skilled workforce, proficiency, and global presence to cater to the growing demand for Rumble Cloud services.

The objective of Rumble Cloud is to capitalize on the strengths of both organizations to offer premium cloud services and foster expansion by: a) facilitating enhanced customer onboarding through Qinshift’s adept workforce to scale up enterprise clientele, b) broadening market reach via Qinshift’s global network and proficiency, and c) diversifying service provisions by leveraging Qinshift’s extensive portfolio of managed IT services and solutions.

“We are delighted to embark on this collaboration with Qinshift,” stated Chris Pavlovski, Chairman and CEO of Rumble. “This partnership enables us to significantly amplify our operational scale and expedite our market penetration efforts, thereby delivering an expanded range of services and efficiently onboarding cloud customers.”

“This collaboration presents an exciting opportunity for Qinshift to integrate our DevOps and managed services with Rumble Cloud’s cutting-edge infrastructure,” commented Ludovic Gaudé, CEO of Qinshift.

“Together, we will harness our respective strengths to provide exceptional value-added solutions, services, and support to customers worldwide, prioritizing excellence and offering guidance throughout their cloud journey.”

Josh Alba
Josh Alba
Josh Alba stands at the forefront of contemporary business journalism, his words weaving narratives that illuminate the intricate workings of the corporate world. With a keen eye for detail and a penchant for uncovering the underlying stories behind financial trends, Josh has established himself as a trusted authority in business writing. Drawing from his wealth of experience and relentless pursuit of truth, Josh delivers insights that resonate with readers across industries.
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