Sonya Curry Boyfriend: Scoop On Her Personal Life

Sonya Curry Boyfriend
Sonya Curry

American Educator Sonya Curry has been in the limelight for some time now. Despite being the mother of state-level players, Sonya remained a part of the news more than her children. At this time, everyone is confused about her relationships. After the allegations by her ex-husband, everyone wants to know if Sonya Curry has a boyfriend or not. Are you also curious to know this? If yes, then read this article till the end. In today’s article, we will tell you whether Sonya Curry has any boyfriend or not. If yes, then who is he? Also, we will take a deep dive into Sonya Curry’s personal life.

Sonya Curry is an American teacher and the mother of famous American basketball stars Stephen Curry and Seth Curry. Sonya Curry was born in 1966 in Virginia to working-class parents. She graduated from Virginia Tech, where she played hockey and volleyball. Sonya was reported to be one of the best players on her team and was one of the main reasons for the success of the Virginia Tech team in women’s volleyball at the time. She also received all-conference honors as a junior at the Metro Conference. According to Curry, she suffered a lot financially during her childhood. Sonya is currently the chairperson of the Christian Montessori School in Lake Norman. She founded the school almost two and a half decades ago.

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Married Life & Children

Sonya and Dell were married in 1988 after meeting in college and have been married for 33 years. That same year they welcomed their first child, Stephen. Sonya and Dell have two more children, son Seth Curry and daughter Sydel Curry. Being the wife of a star NBA player was not easy because she had to move a lot. Since their courtship days, Sonya has always been with him, supporting him in every game. After their marriage, the family often traveled from Cleveland to Utah for the Curry’s Games. Dell was in the NBA from 1986 to 2002 and played for several teams, including the Utah Jazz, the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Milwaukee Bucks, and the Toronto Raptors. In his nearly two decades in the league, he was the star guard at the Charlotte Hornets for ten seasons.

Sonya Curry Boyfriend 1
Sonya Curry Family

Sonia Curry is the mother of two NBA stars and the state-level volleyball champion. Being an athlete by nature instilled a sporting spirit in his children. According to him, helping his children become athletes is a success. Sonya remained with son Seth in all his games. Curry is a great mother and is now enjoying her responsibilities as a grandmother. She has two beautiful grandkids, Riley Curry and Ryan Curry, welcomed by Stephen Curry and his wife, Ayesha Curry. Sonya Curry reportedly filed for divorce in June, and the trial is still ongoing. Dell alleges that Sonya had an “extramarital” affair. On the other hand, Sonya alleges Dell cheated on her with other women during their marriage.

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Sonya Curry Boyfriend

There are some rumors that Sonya Curry has a new boyfriend. Sonya broke up with her ex-husband Dell Curry last year, and it is said that she soon found her love. Curry is reportedly dating Steve Johnson. Well !! Sonya Curry’s boyfriend, Steve Johnson, is a former NFL player. He now has a large commercial company called Johnson commercial development, which is very successful.  According to reports, after the marriage broke up, Sonia started a new relationship. Dell said in an interview: Her extramarital affair with Mr. Johnson began during and before the divorce date, and he lied every time he cheated on her. Sonya alleged that Dell had repeatedly committed infidelity during their marriage. Curry, meanwhile, is facing allegations of cheating on her ex-husband, former NBA player Dell Curry.

Sonya Curry Boyfriend
Sonya Curry And Steve Johnson

According to the Internet, the former power couple has also been accused of cheating on each other. Sonya dismisses her ex-husband’s claims, saying she is not living with her new boyfriend. They’re dating because they appear together too often. But we could not verify from them.

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