Teledyne Acquires US Based Veleport Expanding Ventures

Teledyne Technologies has announced its acquisition of Valeport Holdings Limited and its affiliates, expanding its portfolio in underwater sensor technology.

Established in 1969 and based in Totnes, United Kingdom, Valeport specializes in designing and manufacturing underwater sensors for environmental, energy, construction, and defense applications.

Valeport offers a variety of underwater sensors, including sound velocity probes, current and flow meters, as well as conductivity, temperature, and depth sensors. They also provide multi-parameter profilers capable of measuring turbidity and can include fluorometer sensors for detecting chlorophyll levels.

George Bobb, president and COO of Teledyne, expressed enthusiasm about Valeport joining Teledyne Marine, stating, “Through more than 20 acquisitions and ongoing collaboration, Teledyne Marine brings imaging, instruments, interconnects, acoustics, and complete subsea vehicle technology together to provide total solutions to our customers.”

Matt Quartley, managing director of Valeport, commented, “Our family is very proud of where we have brought Valeport so far, but the time is right for the next phase of its journey, and I am so pleased that this will be as a part of Teledyne Marine and excited about the prospect of working with the rest of the Teledyne group to bring our customers an even greater range of excellence.”

Josh Alba
Josh Alba
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