Top 5 Oldest Stock Exchanges In The World

Stock Exchange

To give you a wider perspective on the history of the stock exchange, here is a list of the five oldest stock exchanges in the world. Everyone wants to get educated on Stock Exchange. It has become the most talked about topic in the financial area. Moreover, Stock Exchange has become the most important part of the world’s economy. Moreover, it has helped companies to raise pools of capital to sell a share of it to the interested public for investment purposes.

In earlier times, these exchanges were to happen at the main location where the interested public participated in company stocks’ buying and selling process. Buying and selling stocks in the main location is an open outcry. In the open outcry process, professional traders use the method of shouting and hand gestures to give information about buying and selling stocks. This process began in the 17th century.

Here are 5 Oldest Stock Exchanges In The World

1. Amsterdam Stock Exchange (1602)

Amsterdam Stock Exchange was established by the Dutch East India Company mainly for their dealings in stocks and bonds. It was the first stock exchange ever to trade securities formally. Technically, it was not the first stock exchange as the negotiations were started before this in Venice, Genoa, and Florence. But, it can be considered the first “modern” stock exchange.

Amsterdam Stock Exchange

2. Paris Bourse (1724)

Paris Bourse, or Paris Stock Exchange, was built in Paris, France. In 2000, Paris Stock Exchange merged with the stock exchanges of Brussels, Amsterdam, and Lisbon to form a single stock exchange known as Euronext NV. This stock exchange is the second largest stock exchange in the world.

Paris Stock Exchange

3. Philadelphia Stock Exchange (1794)

The “Board of Brokers of Philadelphia” found Philadelphia Stock Exchange in 1790. For the following 200 years, this stock exchange has changed its locations and names various times. NASDAQ purchased it for $652 million on November 7, 2007.

Philadelphia Stock Exchange

4. London Stock Exchange (1801)

Though London Stock Exchange started in 1801, selling and buying shares started in 1825. Until World War 1, London Stock Exchange was the largest in the world. Now, it stands in the seventh position.

London Stock Exchange

5. New York Stock Exchange (1817)

New York Stock Exchange is the largest stock exchange in the world. It is located on Wall Street, New York City. Moreover, it has neck-to-neck competition with NASDAQ, the second largest stock exchange in the world. NYSE has some of the biggest companies on its list, such as Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, etc. Lastly, NYSE is one of the first choices of investors from the day of its formation.

New York Stock Exchange

Moreover, other Oldest Stock Exchanges include Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Madrid Stock Exchange, Toronto Stock Exchange, and Bombay Stock Exchange.

This was the list of the five oldest stock exchanges in the world. Stock Exchanges have changed the face of the financial sector of the world. Everyone has invested so much in learning about stocks and investments. It is time to have a good grip on the knowledge of the stock exchange.

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