UN Halts Gaza Aid from US Pier Due to Safety Concerns After Conflict

The U.N. World Food Program has temporarily halted its humanitarian aid distribution from an American-built pier in Gaza due to safety concerns following a deadly day of conflict.

This decision came after an Israeli military operation that resulted in casualties on both sides, as well as damage to two WFP warehouses in Gaza and injuries to a staff member. The pause marks a setback for the U.S. sea route initiative aimed at delivering aid to Gaza’s vulnerable population.

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) announced the pause to facilitate a security review by the humanitarian community in Gaza. The pier, operational for a brief period after its completion in mid-May, had just resumed operations on Saturday, bringing in substantial aid before the pause was announced.

However, details regarding the duration of the pause and its implications remain unclear, as WFP spokespeople have not provided further information.

UN Halts Gaza Aid from US Pier Due to Safety Concerns After Conflict
UN halts aid distribution from US-built Gaza pier over safety concerns after deadly conflict.

Cindy McCain, representing the WFP, expressed concerns about the safety of personnel and the need to reassess the situation before resuming operations. She highlighted the rocketing of WFP warehouses and emphasized the importance of ensuring the safety of aid workers and facilities.

USAID echoed these sentiments, stating its commitment to working with humanitarian partners to resume aid movements safely and effectively following the security review.

The establishment of the U.S. pier was part of President Joe Biden’s initiative to address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, exacerbated by Israeli restrictions on land crossings and ongoing conflict.

Despite the pier’s return to operation coinciding with an Israeli military assault that rescued hostages from Hamas, USAID clarified that the pier was not involved in the operation. Maintaining the independence of humanitarian efforts from military missions is a core principle to safeguard aid operations and personnel in conflict zones.

The events highlight the pressing requirement for a ceasefire to enable the continuous delivery of aid to Gaza’s inhabitants. McCain stressed the importance of ending the conflict to guarantee the substantial flow of aid from multiple organizations.

The humanitarian sector remains committed to lessening the crisis’s effects on civilians and offering crucial support, all while addressing the intricate challenges posed by conflict dynamics and security issues.

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