Walmart Decides to Close All Health Centers Across U.S.

Walmart, the largest retailer in the United States, announced on Tuesday its decision to close all 51 of its healthcare centers across six states and discontinue its virtual healthcare services.

In recent years, Walmart has expanded into health care, establishing clinics adjacent to its superstores. These facilities offered primary and urgent care, along with services such as labs, X-rays, behavioral health, and dental work.

The affected states include Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, and Texas. Walmart’s aim was to leverage its extensive financial resources and store network to provide convenient and affordable healthcare options, particularly in rural and underserved areas lacking primary care facilities.

Walmart Health Center (Credits: Walmart)

The abrupt reversal in strategy may create a gap in healthcare access, particularly for lower-income patients without insurance who relied on these centers. Walmart also announced the discontinuation of its virtual healthcare services.

Ateev Mehrotra, a professor at Harvard Medical School specializing in health care policy and medicine, expressed disappointment, emphasizing the significance of these clinics in serving underserved communities.

He highlighted Walmart’s efforts to address the needs of patients who often have limited healthcare options.

Walmart cited the “challenging reimbursement environment and escalating operating costs” as reasons behind its decision. Despite considering it a difficult choice, the company concluded that its healthcare venture was not financially sustainable.

Walmart (Credits: Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Mehrotra pointed out that Walmart’s experience reflects broader challenges faced by primary care providers in the United States. The anticipated shortage of up to 55,000 primary care physicians in the next decade underscores the financial struggles in this sector.

While Walmart will continue operating its pharmacies and optical centers nationwide, the closure of its healthcare centers signals the complexities involved in venturing into the healthcare industry.

Despite Walmart’s retail strength, health care requires unique expertise and management, as noted by Robert Field, a professor at Drexel University specializing in health management and policy.

Josh Alba
Josh Alba
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