by richard rosales

Mark Zuckerberg's losses of $71billion focused on Meta's problems

The wealth lost by Zuckerberg stands out even in a difficult year for nearly all US tech giants.

Mark Zuckerberg/New York Post

His wealth has been reduced by more than half, or US$71 billion, so far this year

Mark Zuckerberg/New York Post

His net worth of $55.9 billion places him 20th among all the richest people in the world.

Mark Zuckerberg/Time

Zuckerberg was worth $106 billion when he joined the elite group of the world's richest people in just less than 2 years.

Mark Zuckerberg/Celeb Vogue

He then launched meta and changed the name from Facebook Inc.

Mark Zuckerberg/Inquirer

From there, it's been mostly downhill as it tries to find its place in the tech world.

Mark Zuckerberg/Win Buzzer

It has been terrible for its earnings since February, and I said there had been no increase in monthly Facebook users.

Mark Zuckerberg/Yahoo

Zuckerberg invested half of his wealth in meta stock. He owns more than 350 million shares, according to reports. 

Mark Zuckerberg/Click Hole