What happened to Kourtney Kardashian? Explained

Kourtney Kardashian (Credits: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images)

In the world of Hollywood’s rich and famous, every move is scrutinized, and the public’s curiosity knows no bounds. Such is the case with Kourtney Kardashian, the renowned reality TV star and social media influencer, and her husband, Travis Barker, the famous drummer of Blink-182.

Recent events have stirred a whirlwind of speculation as Kourtney Kardashian was spotted leaving a Los Angeles hospital after the band Blink-182 canceled several of their European tour dates due to an ‘urgent family matter.’

Earlier, Blink-182 had shared an official statement on their social media channels, elucidating the reasons behind the tour cancellations. It stated, “Due to an urgent family matter, Travis has had to return home to the States. The Glasgow, Belfast, and Dublin shows are being postponed. More information in regards to his return to Europe and rescheduled dates will be provided as soon as available.”


Kourtney Kardashian (Right) & Travis Barker (Left) (Credits: Getty Image for MTV/ViacomCBS)

Kourtney-Travis: Hospital visit

Kourtney Kardashian, aged 44, and Travis Barker, the power couple who have captivated the world with their romance, were seen leaving a Los Angeles hospital. This sighting raised numerous questions about the nature of their visit and the well-being of the couple and their family. The couple was observed stepping into a black SUV, accompanied by handlers and security guards. Their attire and demeanor hinted at an air of concern, leaving the public eager to uncover the truth.

Travis Barker, clad in a distinctive ensemble of black trainers, ripped black trousers, a black beanie, a long-sleeved black shirt with white writing on the sleeves, and a plain white t-shirt, appeared somber yet stylish. On the other hand, Kourtney donned what appeared to be a grey silky pyjama set and chunky grey trainers. Most notably, her unmistakable baby bump was still prominently on display, quelling speculations of an early labor. The couple’s silence on the matter further fueled the intrigue surrounding their hospital visit.

The Kardashian-Barker couple, known for their open and candid nature, has chosen to remain tight-lipped about the situation, adding to the intrigue. But, one voice that broke the silence surrounding the situation was that of Travis Barker’s ex-wife, Shanna Moakler. She spoke to TMZ and revealed her uncertainty about the unfolding events. Her statement shed light on the gravity of the situation, stating that “whenever they (Blink-182) have to cancel shows, it’s a really big deal.” Her words hinted at the seriousness of the “urgent family matter” while emphasizing her concern for the safety and well-being of her children and the Barker-Kardashian family.

Kourtney’s Pregnancy Announcement

The Kardashian-Barker union became a topic of public fascination when they announced Kourtney’s pregnancy in June. The unconventional announcement took place at a Blink-182 concert in the United States, where Kourtney held up a sign that read, “Travis I’m Pregnant.” This playful nod to the band’s music video for their hit song “All The Small Things” set the tone for what would become a much-publicized pregnancy journey.

Kourtney’s public announcement of pregnancy (Credits: Kourtney Kardashian/ Instagram)

Throughout the pregnancy, both Kourtney and Travis shared their joy and anticipation on social media, giving fans an intimate glimpse into their relationship. Travis Barker, in particular, expressed his love and adoration for his wife in touching comments and heartwarming posts. The public eagerly followed their journey, making the recent hospital visit even more puzzling in the context of their shared excitement about their impending arrival.

The couple’s joyous pregnancy announcement follows their revelation that they had concluded their journey with IVF (in vitro fertilization) treatment while still holding onto their hopes of welcoming a baby together. “We are officially done with IVF [in vitro fertilization],” Kourtney said in a confessional on The Kardashians in May. “We would love a baby more than anything, but I really believe in what God has in store for us. If that’s a baby, I believe it will happen.”

Gender Revelation :

On June 24, 2023, the couple delightedly disclosed the gender of their upcoming baby. They made the revelation during a captivating gender reveal celebration, where Kourtney Kardashian radiated her maternity grace in a baby blue turtleneck dress.

In a collaborative teaser video shared on their Instagram accounts, Kardashian and Barker stood before a gathered audience near a drum set. Barker begins a drumroll—and a burst of blue streamers shoot up behind them.

Several days later, Kourtney Kardashian shared enchanting snapshots from their memorable gender reveal event on her Instagram feed. In one of the photos, she elegantly posed on Barker’s lap beside the drum set. “Little drummer boy coming soon,” Kardashian captioned the post.

Kourtney-Travis Relationship

It all began in January 2021 when Travis Barker, the renowned drummer, dropped flirty comments beneath Kourtney Kardashian’s Instagram posts. One notable moment was when he posted a red rose emoji on a sultry mirror selfie of the Kourtney. These subtle gestures sparked dating speculation and ignited curiosity about their budding connection.

As their romance blossomed, Kardashian openly supported Barker’s ventures. In March 2021, she promoted his CBD-infused product line, Barker Wellness Co., by donning a sweatshirt from the brand on her Instagram Stories. Barker reciprocated by sharing her photo on his Stories, solidifying their public affection for each other.

The couple’s adventurous spirit shone through in March 2021 when they jetted off to Nevada to witness the UFC 260: Miocic vs. Ngannou 2 event live. Seated close to fellow celebrities Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, Kourtney and Travis displayed their love while enjoying a night of thrilling fights.

The Poosh founder made her feelings for the musician abundantly clear when she gifted him a handwritten note declaring, “I love you.” Barker shared this heartfelt message on his Instagram Story, giving their fans an intimate glimpse into their affectionate relationship.

By April 2021, Kourtney and Travis’s love had reached another milestone. Barker was spotted with what appeared to be the word “Kourtney” tattooed across his chest, just above his left nipple. This permanent declaration of affection left no doubt about the depth of their commitment to each other.

In a surprising turn of events, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker took to social media on October 18, 2021, to announce their engagement. Less than a year after making their relationship public, the couple shared a captivating photo of themselves kissing on the beach, surrounded by a sea of red roses and candles. Kourtney captioned the post with a simple yet romantic message: “Forever @travisbarker.”

Just a few months after their engagement, Kourtney and Travis hinted at their eagerness to exchange wedding vows. Their love story was evolving rapidly, demonstrating a deep commitment to building a future together.

In April 2022, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker officially became husband and wife in a Las Vegas courthouse wedding. This intimate ceremony marked the first of three planned celebrations. Kourtney shared a series of photos from the memorable event on her social media, captioning them with nostalgia, “Found these in my camera roll.” She playfully described the spontaneous Las Vegas wedding that occurred at 2 a.m. after a night of celebration and a touch of tequila. This impromptu ceremony showcased their unique and adventurous spirit, proving that love knows no boundaries.