White House Condemns Anti-Israel Protests: Stresses Nonviolent Expression Amid Building Occupation

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Wednesday that when anti-Israel protesters forcefully take over buildings on American college campuses, it’s not peaceful. She assured that President Biden is closely watching the ongoing unrest.

Jean-Pierre spoke while protesters were still inside the library at Portland State University in Oregon, and after the NYPD had arrested protesters who had taken over Columbia University’s Hamilton Hall.

“We’ve been very clear on that Americans have the right to peacefully protest. They have a right to peacefully protest, as long as it’s within the law. And that it’s peaceful. Forcibly taking over a building is not peaceful. It’s just not,” Jean-Pierre stated per Fox News Report.

White House Condemns Anti-Israel Protests
Colleges decide on law enforcement roles; Jean-Pierre acknowledges challenges and understanding in difficult times.

“Students have the right to feel safe. They have the right to learn… And they have a right to feel safe on campus. They have a right to attend their commencement without feeling unsafe,” she added.

“And what we’re seeing is a small percentage of students, that’s what we’re seeing, they should not be able to disturb or disrupt the academic experience that students have.”

Jean-Pierre also said that Biden isn’t trying to balance both sides when it comes to dealing with supporters of Israelis and Palestinians.

Biden administration: No “both sides,” closely monitoring unrest, emphasizing safety and peaceful protests.

When questioned why Biden hasn’t directly addressed the increasing violence and dramatic events at campuses like UCLA, Jean-Pierre responded, “The president is regularly briefed on what’s happening. He’s closely watching the situation, as is his team.”

“I want to emphasize that no president has spoken out more strongly against antisemitism than President Biden,” she added.

Jean-Pierre mentioned that colleges and universities have the authority to determine the involvement of law enforcement in handling these protests and occupations.

“This is a difficult time, and we recognize the challenges it poses for many communities,” she said. “We understand that these situations can be tough for law enforcement.”

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