Who Is Kal Penn’s Boyfriend In 2021? Is The Actor Married?

Kal Penn Partner
Kal Penn Partner

If you have seen the television drama House, you would probably recognize Kal Penn, who played the role of Lawrence Kutner. Kal Penn is an American actor and former staff member of the White House during the Obama administration. He has appeared in numerous projects, including The Namesake, Designated Survivor, and Harold and Kumar. The actor recently broke the news about his engagement with his partner and his plans for the wedding. Penn has always been open about his personal life. In his recent book, You Can’t be Serious, he revealed his being gay and all the details of his current relationship with his fiance.

The 44-year-old actor has an open attitude about his private life and relationships. He finds it exciting to share the details and talk about them in public. This is something we don’t find in many celebrities. Not all of them are comfortable with talking about their lifestyle like Penn does. With pandemic halting and post ponding their plans on wedding, Penn finally decided to make things official. So let us look more into the Harold and Kumar star’s partner and wedding plans in 2021.

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Kal Penn Partner

Television personality and actor Kal Penn is currently engaged to his long-term boyfriend, Josh. In his memoir  You Can’t be Serious, he opened about his relationship with Josh. Unlike most people, Penn came to realize his sexuality at a later stage in life. According to him, we figure out most things in life in our own time, so rather than being cranky about why it took so long, he is glad that he came to realize it even if it took so long. His meeting with his partner was also kind of similar. Penn never thought he could be with Josh even for a day. But like the phrase unlike poles attract they found their pace, and now they are inseparable.

Kal Penn Partner
Kal Penn And Josh

They started seeing each other during the time Penn was working at the White House. The actor recollects that things were hectic, and he could only get one day or so off-day. But due to very conflicting tastes, both of them did not connect initially. But slowly, their relationship started growing, and before they realized it, they were engaged. Penn told in an interview that he plans to have a gigantic Indian wedding. But he is concerned that his fiance would not like the idea since he does not like too much attention befriending him. Hence they would have to compromise on certain things to find a comfort zone or, let’s say, a mid-way wherein both the parties can get what they wanted. Penn says that his family has been his biggest support and that he felt fortunate to have them in his life.

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Personal Life

Kal Penn’s actual name is Kalpen Suresh Modi. He was born on April 23, 1977, in Mont Claire, New Jersey. His parents Suresh Modi and Ashmita Bhatt, are Gujarati immigrants. Penn heard about Mahatma Gandhi from his grandparents. Since then, he has always been interested in serving the nation and becoming a public figure himself. When asked about politics, he said that he does not want to become a politician, instead, he wants to do public service, which is an entirely different concept. He practices the Hindu religion, and he is a vegan. He has a very strong bond with his family and friends. Penn calls them his biggest support, and he discusses anything and everything with them.

Kal Penn Partner
Former US President Barack Obama Greets Actor Kal Penn Before A State Dinner At Rashtrapati Bhawan

In 2010, Kal Penn opened about being gay. He identified his sexuality much later in his life. But still, he considers himself lucky to be aware of it even if it was too late. He met his partner Josh and started dating him in 2010. They dated for eleven years before finally getting engaged. The couple has announced that there will soon be a huge ceremony and they will get married. But the pandemic has been slowing things down, and they postponed the wedding.

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