Who Is Katy Carmichael Dating? The Spaced Actress Dating History

Katy Carmichael dating
Katy Carmichael

Katy Carmichael is an English actress best known for her appearance in the channel four sitcom Spaced. She was interested in theatre, drama, and movies from a young age. This was the sole reason why she chose to take a television degree at Bristol University. After graduation, she got her first gig in the Liverpool sitcom Bread. Katy was eighteen at the time. Even though she was primarily typecasted as a blonde seductress, she outgrew those stereotypes, and now, thirty years into the industry, Katy has become a household name.

She is a celebrity with a vast social media fanbase. The actress is active on social media and updates her day-to-day life. But this does not mean that the 50-year-old is comfortable with talking about her past relationships. But lately, one of her ex-boyfriends mentioned her in an interview. This led to a sudden interest in the actress’s dating life and past relationships. Now the mother of three children, Katy is happily married to her husband.

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Katy Carmichael Dating History

Actress Katy Carmichael is known for her beauty and charm. This was also one of the reasons why she was typecasted as a ‘Marilyn’ at the beginning of her career. She was also on the top of the list of Most Girl Crushed On Celebrity Women. Hence, Katy had a lot of fans drooling over her looks from the start of her career. But it is pretty interesting to note that she is nothing like her on-screen persona. The actress has been married to her husband, Triston Sturrock, since 2005. Triston is also an actor. The couple has three children together, and their youngest daughter Bronte Carmichael is also an actress.

Katy Carmichael dating
Hannah Yelland And Tristan Sturrock Pose At The “Brief Encounter” Cast Photocall

But Triston is not her first love. Before Tristan, Katy dated actor and friend David Walliams. They met each other when Katy was still a student at the university. The couple dated for five years. Recently Walliams opened up about Katy in an interview. He commented that she was her first love and a very important person in his life. The break-up affected the actor, and he was not over Katy for years after their split. Even though Katy started dating her husband Tristan only after parting ways with Walliams, the actor believes that Katy cheated on him with Tristan. This was hard to accept for him and left him emotionally disturbed for quite some time. But according to Katy, marrying Tristan was the right decision, and she is happy with her choice.

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More About The Actress’s Career

Katy Carmichael became famous after her role as Twist Morgan in the Channel 4 sitcom Spaced. The show lasted two seasons and also earned a BAFTA nomination. Spaced was in the year 1995. But she began her career at the age of eighteen and appeared in minor roles n a number of soap operas. However, it was her appearance in Spaced that helped her establish a name for herself as an actor. In 2001, Carmichael got her first movie role. It was in the movie Dead Babies where she played Lucy Littlejohn. The movie was a disaster, and some critics often referred to it as an embarrassing and stupid venture.

Katy Carmichael dating
Actors Katy Carmichael And Nick Conway Pictured In The BBC Television Sitcom Bread

But this did not stop Katy, and she starred in several other films in the following years before finally being involved in her most notable project, the role of Lucy Richards in Coronation Street. She also was fortunate to be a part of the award-winning Peter Barlow bigamy storyline. In 2013, Carmichael collaborated with chef Matt Williamson to create a food-theatre show, Table of Delights which came with the tagline, Creative food mayhem for hungry kids and silly grown-ups. She is also the creative director of the online website of this show titled Table of Delights online. Her recent project was her association with singer and songwriter Kate Dimbleby. She directed her solo show, called the Songbirds, in 2017.

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