World’s First Fully Electric Humanoid Robot Launched in China With Speed of 4mph

In recent times, the field of humanoid robotics has witnessed significant activity, with numerous startups striving to introduce their prototypes to the market.

Now, a state-supported robotics innovation center in Beijing has revealed its inaugural electric humanoid named “Tiangong.”

The debut of the robot took place at the Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area on May 4, coinciding with the announcement of various AI technological breakthroughs at the 2024 Zhongguancun Forum (ZGC Forum).

Crafted by the Beijing Humanoid Robot Innovation Center Company, Tiangong, a versatile humanoid, is designed to maintain a consistent speed of 3.73 miles per hour (6 kilometers per hour).

The Chinese government intends to promote widespread access to a humanoid robot platform through Tiangong, primarily offering it as an open-source solution.

Agile and adaptable, Tiangong’s head, arms, and legs can maneuver in multiple directions, owing to its fully electric actuators.

Standing at 163 cm tall, Tiangong is equipped with various sensors for visual perception and operates at a processing speed of 550 trillion operations per second.

It features high-precision six-axis force sensors to deliver precise force feedback. In addition to its electric operation, Tiangong’s lightweight design (94.7 pounds or 43 kilograms) ensures stability during movement, particularly while running.

Its natural running motion is achieved through State Memory-based Predictive Reinforcement Imitation Learning, an advanced motion learning technique utilized by humanoid robots.

Moreover, the Tiangong humanoid robot integrates a range of visual perception sensors, 3D vision sensors, and a high-precision inertial measurements unit (IMU), collectively addressing fundamental motion control challenges.

According to developers, Tiangong has demonstrated human-like running skills and offers open-source compatibility for future development, enabling broader commercial applications.

China has outlined a comprehensive plan to lead in the field of humanoid robot development.

Humanoid Robot: Tiangong

A vision strategy announced by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in November 2023 aims to commence mass production of humanoid robots in 2025. By 2027, these robots are expected to possess the ability to think, learn, and create.

In alignment with this strategy, the Economic and Technological Development Area in Beijing, a hub for the robotics industry, has united 110 robotics ecosystem businesses to establish an entire industrial chain system encompassing apps, whole machines, and key components.

The center is dedicated to developing parent platforms for both software and hardware while addressing critical industry challenges such as open-source operating systems and operation control systems.

Aligned with the government’s strategy, Tiangong’s open-source design sets it apart from commercial robotics companies, enabling academic institutions and robotics firms to utilize it as a foundation for innovation.

China’s humanoid robot sector is thriving, featuring advanced models from various private enterprises. Notable examples include UBtech Robotics’ Walker S, LimX Dynamics’ CL-1, Fourier Intelligence’s GR-1, Astribot’s S1, and Unitree’s H1.

Experts suggest that China’s significant progress in integrating AI capabilities into daily life could expedite the advancement of its humanoid robots.

Josh Alba
Josh Alba
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