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Jim Koch’s Mission: Empowering Overlooked Entrepreneurs and Elevating the Craft Beer Industry

Jim Koch, the founder of Boston Beer Company and creator of Sam Adams, has been providing loans to food and beverage entrepreneurs who are...

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UK Manufacturers Expect Surge in Orders Despite Critical Skilled Worker Shortage

Britain's largest manufacturers anticipate a substantial increase in orders and output in the second half of the year despite facing a chronic shortage of skilled workers that threatens the operations of some firms. This positive outlook emerges as the manufacturing sector stabilizes from the erratic demand fluctuations caused by the pandemic, price disruptions following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and supply chain challenges due to blockages and conflicts such as those around the Suez Canal. These findings are based on a survey of 320 companies conducted by the trade body Make UK. The survey revealed that the proportion of manufacturing businesses witnessing an improvement in their order books has doubled in the past three months. This growth has...

Wells Fargo Terminates Employees Caught Faking Work With Simulated Keyboard Activity After Investigation

Last month, more than a dozen employees from Wells Fargo were terminated following an investigation that revealed they were engaged in "fake working," according to a Bloomberg report. The employees, all from the wealth and investment management unit, had been simulating keyboard activity to create the impression of being actively engaged in their work. This internal investigation concluded with their discharge on May 8. Details regarding whether the keyboard simulation involved external devices or specific software were not immediately clear, nor was the precise location of the accused employees. Laurie W. Kight, a spokesperson for Wells Fargo, stated that the company upholds its employees to the highest ethical standards and does not tolerate unethical behavior. However, she declined...