Marvel Leaked First Look Of Hailee Steinfield As Kate Bishop In A Set Video from Marvel’s Hawkeye filming studio

Marvel Leaked First Look Of Hailee Steinfield As Kate Bishop In A Set Video from Marvel’s Hawkeye filming studio
Hawkeye leaked Hailee Steinfield as Kate Bishop first look in video footage

From past few months, some of the popular MCU or Marvel Cinematic Universe based experts like by trades and other major outlets were speculating the character of Hailee Steinfield in Bumblee and True Gift. Hailee Steinfield was also in the present in the leaks of Hawkeye as Kate Bishop. Several months after the speculations also discussed that Hailee Steinfield would not be available for the filming owing to her roles in other series like Dickinson. After the speculations, there were also no announcements from the official team of Marvel’s Hawkeye on the signing of Hailee Steinfield for the character of Kate Bishop. 

From the last few weeks, we can witness a small glimpse of hints of the character of Kate Bishop as Hailee Steinfield shared the details about her indeed a role in Hawkeye in her birthday post. Also, the leak was confirmed when a video from Marvel’s Hawkeye filming studio was leaked that stated that Hailee Steinfield is Kate Bishop. 

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Full News on Hailee Steinfield appearance as Kate Bishop in marvel’s Hawkeye

The video was leaked by a bystander at the set and was first leaked by Murphy’s universe as they somehow got the official leaked video from the bystander, which confirmed the role of Hailee Steinfield as Kate Bishop in Marvel’s cinematic universe. In the footage, Hailee Steinfield was seen across the lucky Pizza dog in the Brooklyn subway.

It is fantastic news for all the fans as it has confirmed the role of Hailee Steinfield as Kate Bishop in Hawkeye. Moreover, the fans have also witnessed the lucky pizza dog, who is an adult golden retriever. In the video, we can clearly see that the lucky pizza dog is following Hailee Steinfield in the subway car. 

What will be the role of Hailee Steinfield and “The Lucky Pizza dog” in hawkeye?

Matt Fraction first introduced Lucky in an issue where Hawkeye saves him from the terrific clutches of the tracksuit mafia. Hawkeye later brings lucky to the veterinarian for a checkup and later decided to adopt him. Lucky had a dog tag on his collar named as an arrow, but Clint decided later to change his name to “Lucky,” there is no news or leaks on the origination of lucky in the series. Some of the experts strongly suggest that Lucky was adopted and found by Kate Bishop, i.e., Hailee Steinfield.

We will also see that Kate Bishop has left New York and will be moving to Los Angeles with Lucky along with her. Lucky has also been close to both Clint and Kate as far as we know in the Marvel’s comic. We also have to be patient to witness some more videos of the cute pup with Jeremy Renner and have to listen to their conversation. 

Hailee Steinfield As Kate Bishop
Hailee Steinfield As Kate Bishop

As far as the concern is about Hailee Steinfield, we can see in the video that she is wearing a trench coat and is walking into the subway along with lucky. We have to wait to see her in an authentic purple costume. 

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