Unforgettable Love: New Episodes & Storyline

Unforgettable Love 2
Unforgettable Love 2

Unforgettable Love, The China-origin love series, will teach us the true meaning of love and the essence of love. What is the genre of the series? How many episodes are there? What is the storyline? And many more… I know you must be wondering from these questions. So, here is the solution to all these unheard questions.

Unforgettable Love drama series was released this year, on 10 July. It is produced by iQIYI. Initially, the series was aired on the Chinese television channel Mango tv. There are 24 episodes of the series, and each episode will teach you new emotions. No matter how strong you are, you will be emotional after watching it. Those who have watched it before might be eagerly waiting for the new episodes. The star cast of the drama is Wei Zheming, Hu Yixuan, co-starring Sheng Huizi, Yu Yijie, Shi Qingyan, Wu Chongxuan, and Sun Sicheng. The idea and story of the drama are based on the novel called Mr. He’s Love Is Not Forgettable.  The author of the novel is Qin Ye, and the director of the series is Li Yulei. Let us read more about the storyline and release date of upcoming episodes.

Unforgettable Love
Unforgettable Love

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 Story Line Of Unforgettable Love

It is peculiar to add a paradoxical attitude together. When two, unlike characters, came together. He Qiaoyan, CEO of Heshi Group, and Qin Yiyue, a child psychologist, are the protagonist of the drama series. The story started when the two of them signed a marriage contract for Xiaobao. As time passes, the story revolves around two of them, and finally, both of them fall in love. The CEO is rational, practical, and business mindset personality, whereas Qin Yiyue is an optimistic, positive aura and emotional. The story tells us how apposite attracts, it is not in science but in life too.

The filming of the series was started in September 2020, and it wrapped up in the same year 2020 itself. The genre of the series is romance, emotions, marriage, etc…

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About The Director Of The Series

Li Yulei is the director of the series, and the series was aired on Mango TV. He is a Chinese director, and all of his works got an enormous success. Most of his work is based on the theme of Love. All I Want For Love Is You is another web series directed by him. It was released on Mango Tv as well, and it was aired in the year 2019. Gu Xiaoman is the protagonist of the series, her character is Tomboy-girl, and she worked hard to get into the same study center where her crush is studying. His crush, an intellectual boy who wants to get into medicines. The story is about how they fell in love with each other and the hilarious incidents that took place in between their love journey. Though the series of Li Yulei is Cliche and overwhelming, they are time worth.

It is good news for all the international fans that you too can watch these series. These are available on Youtube Channel called “MGTV”, you can watch them with English subtitles.  You can watch free.

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The Upcoming Episodes Of Unforgettable Love

Everyone has flaws, but the point is how you make yourself worthy. However, the idea of contract marriage is not new. However, the story represents is unique, and the cinematography is amazing. The drama is light and funny. Sometimes it is fun to enjoy the issues likewise to watch the parent-child dynamics. It is really fun to watch.  The first season of the series ended with 24 episodes, and The new season and episode 25 are released on origin TV. You can watch the trailer online.

Unforgettable Love
Unforgettable Love

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