Biden Administration Reportedly Halts Ammunition Delivery to Israel

The Biden administration stopped a delivery of ammunition to Israel last week, Axios reported. This happened while there was tension over Israel’s plans to invade Rafah in Gaza.

Israeli officials were surprised by the decision to stop the shipment, according to Axios. CNN reported that the U.S. decision wasn’t directly linked to opposing an invasion of Rafah.

Even though the Biden administration is supporting Israel against Hamas, they’ve warned against moving into Rafah. This is where many displaced Palestinians are seeking shelter.

The National Security Council said that the U.S. support for Israel remains strong. They’ve provided billions of dollars in aid and are leading efforts to defend Israel against threats.

Biden Administration Reportedly Halts Ammunition Delivery to Israel
Ammunition Delivery to Israel

The decision adds pressure to ceasefire and hostage talks between Israel and Hamas. CIA Director William Burns is in the Middle East to help find a diplomatic solution.

There’s a fear that if Israel invades Rafah, it could cause many civilian casualties. The U.S. has urged Israel not to attack without a clear plan to protect civilians.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hinted at a possible invasion of Rafah, with or without diplomatic agreement or U.S. support.

Some Democrats are criticizing Biden, wanting assurance that U.S. weapons sent to Israel are used lawfully. The State Department recently found that certain Israeli military units violated human rights.

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