Trump’s ‘Gestapo’ Remark Draws Strong Rebuke from White House

The White House criticized former President Trump after he compared the Biden administration to the Gestapo, a Nazi police force.

Deputy press secretary Andrew Bates said Trump’s words were like those of fascists and Neo-Nazis. He added that President Biden is focusing on uniting Americans around democracy and the law, which has led to a big drop in violent crime.

At a Republican donor retreat in Florida, Trump complained about the criminal charges against him and accused the Biden White House of orchestrating them.

Trump's 'Gestapo' Remark Draws Strong Rebuke from White House
Former President Trump

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, who was at the event, confirmed Trump’s comments but said they weren’t the main point of his speech.

Trump’s reference to the Gestapo, a brutal Nazi police force, drew criticism. It’s not the first time he’s used language resembling that of dictators from World War II.

In the past, Trump has made statements about immigrants and political opponents that some people say are similar to the language used by Adolf Hitler and other dictators.

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