Biden Hits a Home Run on Climate, Reversing Trump’s Environmental Rollbacks

The Biden administration is taking a big step to fight climate change by making new rules for power plants.

These rules will finally reduce the amount of carbon pollution coming from the biggest source of pollution in the country, which is great for the environment and for investing in clean energy.

President Biden has been doing a lot to fight climate change. Besides fixing the power plants, he’s also encouraging clean energy manufacturing in the heartland, setting rules to reduce other types of pollution, and making cars and trucks cleaner.

If we do all of this right, we could cut greenhouse gas emissions a lot by 2030, which is really important for our planet’s future.

But things weren’t looking so good when Biden first became president. The previous president didn’t care about climate change and actually made things worse by supporting fossil fuels.

Biden has worked hard to change that, making the United States a leader in fighting climate change instead of being left behind.

Biden Hits a Home Run on Climate, Reversing Trump's Environmental Rollbacks
President Biden

There’s still more to do, though. The new rules for power plants are a good start, but we need to do something about existing gas-burning plants too. And Biden needs more time to finish what he’s started because the other option isn’t good for the planet at all.

The last president didn’t care about climate change and even said he would make things worse if he got elected again.

Biden has been using science to guide his decisions about climate change, which is really important. Climate disasters like heatwaves, droughts, and wildfires are getting worse, and we need to act fast to stop them.

Biden’s plan to invest in clean energy is working, but there’s still more to do to make sure our planet stays safe for the future.

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