Blinken Plans Trip to Saudi Arabia for Cease-Fire Talks

Secretary of State Antony Blinken will go to Saudi Arabia next week to talk about making a cease-fire. Egypt, Qatar, Israel, and Hamas are still trying to agree on a cease-fire and how to free hostages. They all have different things they want.

Besides talking about stopping the fighting in Gaza, Blinken will also talk about sending more help there and why it’s important to keep sending it.

A spokesperson for the State Department, Matthew Miller, said, “Secretary Blinken will talk about the ongoing efforts to make peace in Gaza and how Hamas is stopping it. He will also talk about the recent increase in sending help to Gaza and why it’s important to keep sending it.”

Miller also said, “The Secretary will say how important it is to stop the fighting from spreading and how we’re working on making long-term peace in the area. This includes making sure Palestinians have their own country with Israel feeling safe.”

Blinken Plans Trip to Saudi Arabia for Cease-Fire Talks
Antony Blinken (Credits: Responsible Statecraft)

The U.S. wants around 40 people held by Hamas to be released, as well as other Palestinian prisoners, for a six-week break from fighting.

Miller added, “Blinken will join a meeting with the Gulf Cooperation Council to talk about security in the region.”

At another meeting, the World Economic Forum, Blinken will talk with partners about climate change and clean energy.

Before, Blinken met with Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in March. They talked about sending more help to Gaza then too.

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