Compact Cupertino Residence Hits Market at $1.7M Amid Silicon Valley’s Housing Craze

In Silicon Valley, close to Apple Park, there’s a tiny house on 10036 Carmen Road, Cupertino. It’s only 384 square feet big but it’s being sold for a huge $1.7 million!

This news, from the San Francisco Standard, shows how expensive it is to buy a home in one of the world’s most famous tech areas. It also shows how bad the housing problem is in California.

This house, built in 1948, is called “cozy” but it’s still the cheapest single-family home in Cupertino. However, it doesn’t have modern stuff like an oven or range.

Golden Opportunity in the Land

The land on which the small house is situated is the reason behind it being valuable. Originally, it was just a cabin for hunting.

Exterior of Cupertino Residence in Silicon Valley (Credits: Compass)

But now, the property comes with a big empty lot, almost 7,841 square feet. This land is perfect for building something new.

A marketing brochure calls it a “powerhouse of possibilities.” In just the first weekend of showing the house, over 100 people were interested in buying it. Many people see the chance to either build a new dream home or make the existing one bigger and better.

This shows how much people want property in this great location. Faviola Perez, the real estate agent selling the house, talks about how desirable the area is and how you can make the property worth even more with some investment and creativity.

Market Dynamics in a Nutshell

This unusual house listing shows what’s happening in the Bay Area’s real estate market.

Demand surpasses supply, raising Bay Area housing costs to unprecedented levels. (Credits: Fly Homes)

Cupertino, where the house is, is surrounded by big tech companies and has really good public schools. Because of this, properties here are very expensive.

The average household in Cupertino makes more than $223,600 a year, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. This shows the economic background of why this house is so pricey.

Right now, the property is valued at $206,912, so the owner pays about $2,419 in taxes each year. But if it sells for the asking price, the taxes would jump up to almost $20,000 a year. This shows how much money is involved in real estate deals in Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley’s Housing Turmoil in Review

The sale of this cabin in Cupertino reflects the big housing problem in California, especially in places like Silicon Valley where there are lots of tech companies.

The cozy interior of Cupertino Residence (Credits: Compass)

The super high price for just a piece of land with a rundown building shows how scarce land is and how important it is to be close to tech companies. This situation shows the tough and good parts of the housing market in the Bay Area.

There are way more people who want houses than there are houses available, so prices have gone way up. It also shows the difference between the area’s tech progress and the basic need for housing that people can afford, which is still a big problem.

Michael Manua
Michael Manua
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