NY Times Editor Says Media Shouldn’t Interfere with Trump’s Election Chances

The boss of The New York Times says it’s not their job, or anyone else’s, to stop Donald Trump from becoming president again. Joe Kahn, the executive editor, talked about this in an interview recently. He said it’s President Biden’s job to stop Trump from winning, not the media’s.

Kahn thinks Trump could win the election if people vote for him. He said the Times needs to cover all the important topics, including ones that might help Trump, like immigration.

He doesn’t want the Times to be like a propaganda machine for Biden. He doesn’t want them to only write nice things about Biden and bad things about Trump. He thinks that wouldn’t be helpful.

NY Times Editor Says Media Shouldn't Interfere with Trump's Election Chances
Donald Trump (Credits: Britannica)

This comes after reports that some people in Biden’s team are upset with how the Times is reporting on them.

But Kahn thinks the Times gives a fair view of Biden to its readers. They write about his good points and also his weaknesses, like his age.

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