Following The Speech, Biden Embarks on Extensive Tour Alongside $30 Million Ad Purchase

President Joe Biden embarked on a journey through battleground states, commencing with a visit to Pennsylvania on Friday. His reelection campaign is poised to allocate $30 million towards advertisement expenditure as he swiftly transitions into the U.S. general election campaign following his spirited State of the Union address.

Campaign officials, briefing reporters, disclosed plans for Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris to rally Democrats across numerous states pivotal for the November 5 election showdown against Republican contender Donald Trump.

Following Pennsylvania, Biden’s itinerary includes stops in Georgia on Saturday, New Hampshire on Monday, Wisconsin on Wednesday, and Michigan on Thursday. Meanwhile, Harris is set to visit Arizona on Friday and Nevada on Saturday.

Following The Speech, Biden Embarks on Extensive Tour Alongside $30 Million Ad Purchase
A $30 million ad buy amplifies campaign reach, targeting diverse digital platforms strategically. (Credits: Experts Equal)

According to Nielsen ratings from 14 television networks, an estimated 32.2 million viewers tuned in to watch Biden’s State of the Union speech, marking an 18% surge from the previous year’s address. However, it’s noteworthy that TV ratings may not fully encapsulate viewership on streaming services or social media platforms.

Anticipating a tightly contested race against Trump, Biden campaign officials emphasized the significance of grassroots efforts in key states crucial for accumulating the 270 electoral votes required for victory.

“We firmly believe that this race is going to be won on the ground across key states that afford multiple pathways to 270, and everything we are doing this month to kick off the general election is grounded in that premise,” remarked Biden’s campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez.

In tandem with Biden’s campaign activities, cabinet officials and top aides are dispersing across various states like Ohio and Florida to advocate for the Biden agenda.

Polls indicate a tight race between Biden, 81, and Trump, 77, with a majority of voters displaying limited enthusiasm for the rematch after Biden’s victory four years ago.

Deputy campaign manager Rob Flaherty disclosed plans for a $30 million advertisement blitz over the next six weeks, surpassing the Biden campaign’s total spending in 2023. He noted that Biden’s State of the Union address on Thursday catalyzed the most substantial day of fundraising for the incumbent Democrat, although specific figures were not provided.

Following The Speech, Biden Embarks on Extensive Tour Alongside $30 Million Ad Purchase
State of Union speech drives fundraising surge, fueling Biden’s reelection momentum.

As of last month, the campaign had amassed over $42 million in January alone, with $130 million in cash reserves for the impending general election battle.

The $30 million advertisement campaign will target voters across a diverse range of digital platforms, with a specific focus on key Democratic demographics such as Hispanics, African Americans, and Asian Americans. Additionally, ads will feature prominently on popular channels including Comedy Central and ESPN.

Biden’s Friday visit to a suburban county near Philadelphia underscored the shifting political landscape during the Trump administration. Democrats have seen a remarkable surge in voter registration in this county, from a narrow 6,665-voter advantage over Republicans in 2015 to a commanding 57,139 margin today, as per the latest state voting registration data.

To secure victory in this critical state, Biden aims to secure significant margins of victory in Philadelphia and its surrounding suburbs, mirroring the trend observed in counties like Delaware County.

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