Game Industry Layoffs Impact Support for Gayming Awards and LGBTQ+ Representation

The game industry has been significantly impacted by layoffs over the past two years, and this has affected the support for the Gayming Awards and Gayming Magazine, according to Robin Gray, the founder of both entities.

Despite securing prominent sponsors for the 2024 Gayming Awards, Gray noted the difficulty in garnering the same level of industry backing as in previous years. The LGBTQ+ gaming community represents a substantial market, with 11% of gamers identifying as LGBTQ+ and being 1.4 times more likely to purchase games with strong LGBTQ+ content.

Gray emphasized the importance of recognizing and supporting LGBTQ+ gamers, as recent studies show their significant influence and purchasing power in the gaming market.

He highlighted that game developers have made progress in representing LGBTQ+ characters and themes, but there is still room for improvement. The Gayming Awards celebrate these positive strides while also calling out industry shortcomings and advocating for better representation and support.

The Gayming Awards received commendable support this year, with the event being livestreamed across multiple platforms, including IGN’s Summer of Gaming and Gayming Magazine’s Twitch and TikTok channels.

Game Industry Layoffs Impact Support for Gayming Awards and LGBTQ+ Representation
Game Industry Layoffs Impact Support for Gayming Awards and LGBTQ+ Representation

The inclusion of a Spanish language co-stream by Mexican TikTok influencer Angelo Gamer underscored the event’s growing reach and inclusivity. This support underscores the potential of the LGBTQ+ market when engaged authentically.

Gray discussed the importance of authentic engagement with the LGBTQ+ community, citing examples like Blizzard’s use of internal and external resources for sensitivity checks in games like Overwatch.

He pointed out that while positive representation is increasing, more effort is needed to ensure that LGBTQ+ themes and characters are more prevalent in games, reflecting the community’s substantial presence in the gaming audience.

Internationally, the LGBTQ+ gaming community faces varying challenges. While representation and support are increasing in regions like North America and Europe, there are significant hurdles in other areas, such as the Middle East, where political and social climates often hinder open LGBTQ+ participation and recognition.

Gray highlighted the importance of supporting LGBTQ+ individuals in these regions through inclusive gaming practices and avoiding events in countries with repressive policies.

Gray addressed the issue of “sportswashing,” where countries with poor human rights records, particularly regarding LGBTQ+ rights, invest heavily in esports and other gaming events.

He urged game companies to use their influence to push for positive change rather than merely capitalizing on financial opportunities. By doing so, companies can support LGBTQ+ gamers worldwide and advocate for better conditions in restrictive regions.

The LGBTQ+ community often leads social justice movements and uses its considerable spending power to support inclusive practices and boycott entities that fail to uphold these values.

Gray highlighted the impact of such actions, noting instances where prominent LGBTQ+ figures in esports have refused to participate in events held in countries with discriminatory laws. This activism underscores the community’s commitment to broader social justice issues.

Gray expressed concern about the future of diversity in the gaming industry amid widespread layoffs, which often disproportionately affect minority groups, including LGBTQ+ individuals.

He emphasized the need for the industry to think long-term about diversity and inclusion, rather than making short-sighted financial decisions. By prioritizing authentic engagement and support for the LGBTQ+ community, the gaming industry can ensure a more inclusive and sustainable future.

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