Governor Kristi Noem Faces Backlash Over Dog Killing Revelation in Memoir

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, a potential running mate for Donald Trump, is drawing criticism after revealing in her upcoming memoir that she euthanized her dog, Cricket, whom she deemed “untrainable” and “dangerous.”

In an excerpt from her memoir, titled “No Going Back: The Truth on What’s Wrong with Politics and How We Move America Forward,” Noem recounts the difficult decision to put down Cricket, leading the dog to a gravel pit and shooting her. She described the task as unpleasant but necessary.

Governor Kristi Noem Faces Backlash Over Dog Killing Revelation in Memoir
(L-R) Former US President and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump listens as North Dakota Governor Kristi Noem speaks during a Buckeye Values PAC Rally in Vandalia, Ohio, on March 16, 2024. (Photo by KAMIL KRZACZYNSKI / AFP)

The revelation sparked condemnation online, with the Democratic National Committee seizing the opportunity to criticize Noem’s actions, stating, “If you want elected officials who don’t brag about brutally killing their pets… vote Democrat.” Meghan McCain also weighed in, asserting that such actions would be difficult to overcome in politics.

Noem defended herself on Twitter, explaining that tough decisions like euthanizing animals are commonplace on a farm. She teased more candid anecdotes in her book, promising “real, honest, and politically incorrect stories.”

Ms Noem says the story shows she is willing to do things that are “difficult, messy, and ugly” both in politics and life (Photo by Kent Nishimura/Bloomberg via Getty Images

In her memoir, Noem reflects on her attempt to train Cricket, a wirehaired pointer, and her frustration with the dog’s behavior, culminating in an incident where Cricket attacked a neighbor’s chickens. Noem concluded that euthanizing Cricket was the only option.

The memoir also details another difficult decision Noem faced that day – putting down a male goat that posed a danger to her children. Despite the backlash, Noem believes in sharing these stories, emphasizing her willingness to confront challenging situations.

While Noem’s revelation has stirred controversy, it remains to be seen how it will impact her political future, particularly as speculation swirls about her potential role in Trump’s presidential campaign. Noem, who served in the House of Representatives before becoming governor in 2018, faces scrutiny over her actions as she steers the political sphere.

Arit Saha
Arit Saha
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