Hush Money Trial: Trump’s Make-or-Break Moment Arrives

Former President Trump is facing a very important moment. He’s trying hard to delay the start of his first trial in New York. His chances to delay the trial are getting fewer and fewer as the days go by.

Trump really wants to postpone his trials until after the next election. If he can do that, and if he wins the election, it could mean his legal cases would be put on hold.

But things aren’t looking good for him. Judges have said no to some of his last-minute attempts to delay the trial this week. That’s a strong sign that his trial over a payment made to a woman named Stormy Daniels before the 2016 election will start on Monday.

Hush Money Trial: Trump's Make-or-Break Moment Arrives
Donald Trump

Law professor Jessica Levinson says Trump’s strategy has always been to delay things for as long as possible. But now, time is running out for him.

Trump’s lawyers have been trying hard in court for the past few days to delay the trial. First, they wanted the trial moved to a different place, saying Manhattan wasn’t fair to Trump. They suggested Staten Island instead. But a judge said no to that on Monday.

Hush Money Trial: Trump's Make-or-Break Moment Arrives
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Then, they tried to stop the trial by suing the judge who is overseeing the case. They didn’t like that the judge had told Trump to stop talking about certain things. But another judge said no to that on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, Trump’s lawyers tried again to delay the trial by arguing against some of the judge’s decisions. But they got another no from the court.

Now, a group of five judges will look at these requests. If they say yes, the trial could be stopped. But that might not happen before it starts on Monday.

Hush Money Trial: Trump's Make-or-Break Moment Arrives

Even though Trump has been saying he didn’t think the trial would start on time, he now seems to accept that it will.

Trump is still trying other things too. He’s asked the judge to step aside from the case because the judge’s daughter works for a political group that Trump doesn’t like. But the chances of this working are very low, according to Levinson.

No matter what happens, it looks like Trump will have to face the trial soon. And that could have big implications for him, especially with the next election coming up.

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