Jacob Sartorius: Personal Life & Career

Unlocking the 2016's deeply buried memory box.
Jacob Sartorius Net Worth 2021
Jacob Sartorius

Rolf Jacob Sartorius was born October 2, 2002. He goes by Jacob Sartorius and is an American musician and internet sensation who rose to fame after sharing lip-syncing videos on Musical.ly on social media. He had a lot of young females drooling over him with his “young Justin Bieber” like looks and vibe on TikTok back in the day. In 2016, he released his debut single, “Sweatshirt,” which charted on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US and Canada. He has faced quite the cyber-hate and was made fun of for his childish acts. 

In the same year, Mashable claimed that Sartorius pushed an anonymous Twitter user known only as “aly” to give explicit photographs of herself through Facebook direct messages, alongside screenshots of the exchange as proof. Sartorius’ representatives denied that the account belonged to him, highlighting that Sartorius’s official Facebook page was created on March 18, nearly two months after the messages were reputedly exchanged.

Jacob Sartorius 2021 Net Worth Dating
Jacob Sartorius

A Notorious Sartorius:

Sartorius was born in the Oklahoma city of Tulsa. He was adopted and moved to Virginia shortly after his birth since his biological parents could not care for him. He began playing in musicals at the age of seven, where he realized his fascination for performance. In 2016, he embarked on the All My Friends Tour, a solo mini-tour that carried him to six significant localities. He announced The Last Text World Tour three months later, in which he would perform in seven countries throughout 2017 in support of his debut extended play The Last Text, which was announced on January 20, 2017. He spoke at the March for Our Lives demonstration in Los Angeles in March 2018 and attended the event. He released two more singles after the tour, “Hit or Miss” and “All My Friends.” “Hit or Miss” is his highest-charting single to date, debuting at No. 72 in the United States. People seemed to be streaming that song because they “hate-listened” to it at the time, meaning they heard it solely to criticize it. In any case, it worked wonders on Jacob’s bag! 

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Jacob Sartorius 2021 Net Worth
Jacob Sartorius

The Leap To Stardom:

Before the app’s termination in 2017, his lip-syncing videos on Vine had amassed over 8 million followers. He claimed that social media provided him with an escape from bullying, despite the fact that he wasn’t the most extroverted person before Musical.ly. He was able to have a good time thanks to the software. It’s as if no one save the camera was watching. It allowed him to build a haven for himself and make friends with individuals on the internet who enjoyed watching him act strangely for fun. His brief stardom took its second leap of faith when he dated Stranger Things Actress Millie Bobby Brown. They lasted for seven months. 

Jacob Sartorius 2021 Net Worth
Jacob Posts An Uplifting Video Talking Of Cyber-Bullying Also Revealing He’s Adopted.

It Came Pouring Down:

Sartorius was the 9th most looked-up musician on Google in 2016. Unfortunately, neither of his albums released after 2016 charted internationally. Sartorius appears to have been left undisturbed, like the cobwebs in the attic, which were previously meticulously maintained but are now neglected. His celebrity must’ve faded quickly after Musical.ly was shut down. It’s no exaggeration to say that nearly three out of every five twenty-somethings at the time would bust a move or sing along to “Sweatshirt.” If he has any fans left now, they’re pretty embarrassed as he has assumed the form of an “e-boy” and bragged about his usage of drugs, and people have gotten disappointed in him for the same. Several people also bullied him for acting “cringy” more than entertaining as he put up a facade of acting more than what he’s aged, and several fans found it repulsive when he tried to “flirt with them for fun.” 

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Stranger Things Millie Bobby Brown Dating Jacob Sartorial 2021 Net Worth Break Up New Season
Jacob Sartorial

His brief celebrity garnered him a net worth of almost $3 million, significantly more than a young teen could earn at the time! He’s claimed that he’s going to make a real and a better come-back, but nobody’s heard anything from him or about him of late, so he’s just another 2016 that we’re going to lock in deep in that year’s memory box. 

Jacob Sartorius 2021 Net Worth
Jacob Disliked Always Being Compared To Young Justin Bieber

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