Trump Campaign Criticizes Debate Commission’s Decision on Timing

The Trump campaign criticized the Commission on Presidential Debate’s decision not to change the debate schedule on Tuesday. They said it was not right because many people would have already voted before the debates started. They want the debates to happen sooner so voters can hear from both candidates before voting starts.

Chris LaCivita and Susie Wiles, Trump campaign spokespeople, said, “We are committed to making this happen with or without the Presidential Debate Commission.” They want to invite every TV network in America to host a debate and want Joe Biden’s team to work with them to set it up soon.

The campaign shared a Fox News report where the commission said they’re sticking to the current schedule. Biden said he’s willing to debate Trump now that both are the presumptive nominees of their parties. While Biden hasn’t talked much about debates, Trump has been pushing for them.

Trump Campaign Criticizes Debate Commission's Decision on Timing
Former President Trump

Trump said he’s ready to debate Biden anywhere, anytime, and anyplace. The first presidential debate is scheduled for September 16 at Texas State University. Then, there’s a vice presidential debate on September 25 at Lafayette College. Two more presidential debates are set for October in Virginia and Utah.

During the Republican primary debates, Trump didn’t take part because he was leading in the polls. Now, he’s facing legal trouble in New York over a payment made during the 2016 election.

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